Thursday, March 4, 2010

What happened?

Many have asked me what was the reason for the heart did this happen? The biggest reason is family history...genetics...I did a family tree in college and half of it was all heart disease...I had a cousin die at aunt with a heart attack at mom had by-pass surgery in her 50's and most of my relatives on my mom's side have passed away due to cardiac issues.

ALSO...I need to rope in my diet and exercise...If the average guy would eat what I do and be as active, he may never have a problem...BUT with my history, I must make changes! I will try not to drive Kels NUTS as I look at labels on foods! Sodium...Saturated Fats...Cholosteral...protein...fiber...I never realized how much I needed to look at...and how bad some of this stuff was on my body...It's more than just eating in moderation...there's some stuff that needs CUT OUT of my diet...

I had a couple of injuries last year on my feet and then got out of the habit of exercising...this must change as to ease into it, but from the research I've done they want you to start right away.

SO I'm off to the treadmill for some walking!


Anonymous said...

The switch is on the bottom left side. FYI

Tim Boucher said...

Thanks for "fixing" our treadmill today "anonymous." Guess it was good I was sick or I'd have to admit I didn't know where the switch was!