Friday, July 30, 2010

Remembering V: Pearl Harbor Day 1989

Life was moving forward for me...I was extremely involved in high school. Had a lot of friends...played soccer and basketball...was in band, show choir and the musicals...very involved at church...I loved Jesus...but something else had become my god...something else took 1st place in my life.

As I shared yesterday...started to play basketball in 8th grade really opened things up for me...the problem is, bball became my focus. I would practice and play pick-up games whenever and wherever I could...I would pour my life into the game. I LOVED IT! In the summers I would play 3-5 hours a day...if I had a bad game, we'd shovel off the driveway and practice in the middle of the winter.

My big break was coming...I was a junior and starting varsity...I couldn't wait for the season to start. I was coming off of a great soccer season and had already talked with the soccer coach at Grace College about playing goalie there...then it happened...I was in a game and #35 from Northwestern cut out my knees...I heard the pop...hobbled to the free-throw line...then pulled myself out of the game. When I went to the doctor he thought it wasn't too bad...thought it was just a hamstring injury. (Oops!) So we rehabbed it and I went back out and started practicing...Then on Pearl Harbor Day it knee collapsed and I knew it was bad...ended up tearing my ACL and the doctor wouldn't do the surgery because my growth plate wasn't closed...I was done...oh sure...I tried to play again the next year...but my knee kept going out...

I WAS DEVASTATED! Everything that was important to me at the time was taken away...I dreamed of playing college sports...I LOVED playing basketball and soccer and spent most of my time doing it! Sports had become my focus...the #1 thing in my life...only now it was what?!

My life verse...Romans 8: 28 (see yesterdays post for details!) came into play again...because God took the mess and made something better! What I thought was my "loss" ended up being one of the most significant life changing POSITIVE moments of my life. God was about to take what I thought (as a 16 yr old) was devastating and give me a detour to a profession! My focus went off of me and onto him...and then he started to open doors with music and church! I love thinking back to this difficult a time it was...yet God had a plan...he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and how he was going to use this for his and my good!

Today...I am THANKFUL that on Pearl Harbor Day 1989. God put an end to my dreams of playing sports in college...but he turned my eyes toward him and began to open new doors! This may sound a bit strange...but my daily knee pain is a vivid reminder of God's faithfulness and that he has our best interest in mind! Crazy, huh? He uses pain to reveal his blessing!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Remembering Part IV: Pivotal Year...

The cupboard door was open...both the left and right side...I was down...really down...didn't think that I had anything to live for...I thought in that moment about grabbing mom's pill bottle and downing all of them at once...taking care of my miserable life...I was in 7th grade...I had a childhood best friend since we were 4...had turned hateful toward me...I didn't think that I had many parents fought a lot at night when I was supposed to be asleep...I got in trouble in school (23 detentions that year!)...I was there I front of the cupboard...with my chance to end it all...but a verse kept running through my mind..."God works EVERYTHING to the good of those that love those called according to his purpose." Romans 8: 28...that became my life verse starting on that day. I shut those doors and that verse kept going through my head.

BUT it didn't stop there...unknown to brother and mom and begun praying for me. They were encouraging bro encouraged me to try out for basketball in 8th grade...I made the team and my world started to change. I came out of my shell...(some of you may wish I was still in that shell!!!! more detentions either!!) One of my favorite teachers told my mom..."I thought Tim HATED me in 7th grade...but he sure is different this year!!" (Mrs. Sees was my 7th and 8th grade math teacher and musical director in 8th grade. AMAZING PERSON!) Life changed that year...I developed new friendships and God opened many doors for me with soccer, basketball and music. I think this is why I LOVE TO TEACH junior high so much...7th and 8th grade is such a pivotal can mean life and death for so many teens.

I am forever grateful to mom and teachers like Mr. Frain, Mrs. Sees, Mr. Harper, Mr. Farkas, Mr. Douglas, Miss A...and a host of other people...they saw something in me that I didn't...they took time to get through the hard shell of my life...they saw that I could do more than I ever thought that I could! THANK YOU for not giving up on that 7th grade boy that had little hope! God used each of you to save my life!! And God...THANK YOU for Romans better life verse in the world!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remember Part III: Baptism

Pastor Butterfield talked about baptism on Sunday morning and my stomach was in knots. I now know that feeling to be the Spirit of God moving in to think that as an elementary aged kid...GOD was speaking to my heart to obey him!! I KNEW that it was time to step take a stand for publicly say "I BELONG TO HIM!" I went up to Pastor Butterfield at that ol' country Baptist church on Comet Road and said "I want to be baptized." We talked about why and then headed over to 1st Baptist Church of Green later that day because Comet Road didn't have a baptismal. It was a scary because I HATED to go under the water...I did survive...and let the world know...Timothy Blake Boucher has JESUS in charge of his life! Another marker moment that I will never forget!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Results are in!

Jaden came in 2nd in his age division in the triathlon! WHOO-HOO! They had him listed at 4th, but upon further was found that one of the heats was not timed correctly, so he was actually 8 yr. old was the only one to beat him! Good job big man!!

Chloe improved her time by more than 1 1/2 minutes...and in her 4 years of doing the triathlon, she has improved her time by more than 4 minutes!! GO GIRL GO!!!!

Remembering Part II: The fire grows

I will never forget "Missions Conference" at church back in the day...missionaries from all over the world would come...Flags from the countries of the world would line the auditorium. (The unair-conditioned auditorium I might add!) The "fellowship hall" and foyer were filled with "booths" of each missionaries prayer from their work in other countries. It was an incredible experience...amazing stories!

I can remember sitting in my seat as a little guy...about Chloe and Jaden's age...sitting and hearing their stories...stories of lives being changed for Jesus...hard work being done in countries all over the world. I remember thinking..."God...I want to do this with my life. I want to be a missionary. I want you to use me the way that you are using these people." Those missionaries were the first to plant a seed in my heart to go into the ministry full time...To the Sargents, Sparrows, Darrs, Couts and many others that crossed my path as an elementary aged kid...God used YOU to plant a seed for HIS people and the lost...for HIS church and ministry that moved me to what I'm doing today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Remembering...Part 1: The Beginning

It is good to remember back to markers in your life...things that you look back on and can say..."YES! God came through for me in that...he will do it again!" I started to do that this morning...instead of coming straight to the office, I went for a long walk...ended up on a floating dock by the St. Jo Psalm 119...prayed...prayed...prayed...and remembered. In my longing for a HUNGER (see my post from earlier today) for God, his church and the lost...I thought it was time to look back to move forward...

My first memory came to me quickly..."back in '78" (as my dad would tell it!) I remember the day before my 5th birthday...only I wasn't excited about the gifts I was going to get...I wanted something else. My parents and Sunday School teachers kept talking about this Jesus...that he died for me...that he rose again...that I was a sinner...I did stuff wrong against God...and I needed to have him as my Savior so I could go to heaven. I remember that day like it was yesterday!! I remember grabbing my OLD King James Bible...the one with Jesus on the front and the kids all around him. I grabbed my Bible walked through our living room and found my mom sitting at the kitchen table...I remember telling her that I wanted Jesus in my heart...I wanted him to be my Savior. We prayed and my life was changed FOREVER!! The Holy Spirit of the LIVING God entered my heart in that moment and I was forever changed. WHAT A MOMENT! The best decision I have EVER made in my life...and I did it as a 4 year old...the day before my 5th birthday.

"Thank you Jesus for saving me...ME! Thank you for parents who took me to church to learn about you...for my mom being RIGHT in the RIGHT SPOT when I wanted to ask you to be my Lord. Thanks God! Thanks!"

Monday Reflections

I didn't think that I was going to be able to speak, yet I knew that in just a few brief moments I would have to get up and talk...yet I was in tears...uncontrolled tears streaming down my face. You see...I prepared Sunday's service with the thought in mind of giving people the opportunity to come before God in silence and in song...through reading the Word together...what I wasn't prepared for was what God was going to do to me through the service.

Let me back up first...what set the stage for God completely "undoing" me...we started the service with praise...HIGH ENERGY...PASSION FILLED...PRAISING JESUS kinds of was AWESOME! The energy in the room was ELECTRIC...Jerimae then had us read Psalm 8 together...POWERFUL! Then came testimonies on how we could praise God...and it was good. After several had shared I asked for 2 more...and they came FAST! So...I asked if we had a "bonus" (bonus is a favorite word in the Boucher house..."Can we have bonus dad?!") Then Vern shared a POWERFUL testimony about God coming through...AWESOME...set the stage for the rest of the morning...then we had a video that showed our amazing universe...

Then it happened...Jerimae and the guys picked the song "We are hungry" and I came undone. I have tears in my eyes as I type...this song spoke my heart for me...I am sooooooooooooooo hungry for more of God...hungry to have my hunger for him back!! Hungry to have the passion for him...his church and the lost restored and growing. I was CRYING...I couldn't sing! Oh...feeling God in that moment...priceless. priceless.

The rest of the service was amazing as we confessed our sins to God...begging and pleaded with him for things and ended our time praising him again. I didn't bring my watch or my cell phone with me on Sunday...I didn't want the clock to influence ANYTHING that we did...we were going to go and go until God heard our hearts...and it was good. So good. So good to be in his presence like that...

"Thanks God...for listening...for being...for giving hope...for restoring joy...for being are soooooooooooooo good. Thank you."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kid's Triathlon 2010

This morning was the 10th Annual Kid's Triathlon...Chloe and Jaden were able to finish their races before the wind and rain. They ended up canceling the race after the 9 & 10 yr. olds.

Chloe was FANTASTIC! This year the 10 yr. old kids had to do the race completely on their parents in the transition areas and she did the run on her own. IT WAS HER BEST RACE EVER! She ran the whole way and ran hard!! I am soooooooooooooo proud of her! They haven't posted the results, but I'm sure she improved her time again this year!! WHOO-HOOO Chloe!!

Jaden raced very well...little dude is fast...his running amazes me...Just goes and goes...doesn't let to watch him compete. He gets sooooooooooooooooo focused!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of both of them!!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Last week's vacation was full of memories...I had the opportunity to run on the track at my old high school...looked in the windows and saw my old locker at the high school! Remembered every morning getting to school early and hanging out in the hallway with Sean, Jen & Jen & well...Jen (we had a lot of friends named Jen!!), John, Bill, Steve, Joe, Jason, Kristi, Dave, Nancy and on and on...great friends... drove my kids back by the band/choir room (which looks about the same!) and MANY memories flooded and choir shaping moments...My kids got to play on the playground I used to play on! I miss my family and friends from back home...I don't get back much (actually that was the first time I was back in 13 months!) it is hard to catch up with everyone. It was sure good to be back though.

While we were sitting in my parents backyard I had to take this picture of the "clubhouse!" I will never forget the night...Paul and I were sleeping outside...we didn't have the clubhouse then so we made one with a picnic table as our bed and the benches as the roof...I couldn't sleep and went inside and cried and cried and begged and begged dad for a clubhouse...(OK...I was REALLY little...back off!!) He did make was about half the size of the pic...then he added on a few years later. I have A LOT of fun memories of that clubhouse...times with my bro...with my dad...with cousins and friends...sneaking out at night and scaring my parents. (The kids better not read this!!) GREAT TIMES! GREAT MEMORIES!! Lots of talks and games...good times!

It was fun to be home to to remember...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What you do is more important...

What you do...what you more important than what you say.

Last week at the Conference Swim Meet, Jaden was diving off the "block" differently than he had all season. He didn't put his hands on the block and then he dove in...almost to the bottom of the pool. It really slowed down his starts...probably cost him a couple of seconds in each race. When I had the chance to ask him about why he was changing his starts he said: "Because I watched Coach do that at practice."


Coach had told him COUNTLESS times how to start a race BUT when coach raced against one of the other swimmers for fun...he didn't put his hands on the block and he dove down to the bottom of the pool. He did not demonstrate what he was telling the swimmers to do. So Jaden figured if that is how coach started off the block, then it must be the fastest way to start! Oops!!

Whoa...this is something for us to think about...we OFTEN give our kids and others advice...direction...BUT they are WATCHING US...learning MORE from what we DO than what we SAY! careful how you are living...make sure it matches up to how you are encouraging others to live!!

(I should mention here...Jaden fixed his start off the block for his final race...won by a full body-length and had a personal best time by shaving 4 seconds off of his time! How we start matters!!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tearing me up!

A good friend gave me a book when I was in the hospital called "Leading on Empty." (Thanks Travis!) The book is ripping me up!! Started reading it on vacation...whoa...about half-way through the book and it is DRILLING me...As I have been reading this book I realize that I have always viewed depression as something that happens in people when they are not trusting God. That if they had more faith, they would get through it. But I'm seeing more and more that it is something that happens to all of us in some form or another...something that we all work through. AND the way that we work through it is key...I have and have had some serious times of depression over the past 5 months. I HATE IT! I HATE feeling I can't dig myself out of the pit.

BUT THAT IS THE PROBLEM!! Did you see the work "I" typed so many times?!?!?! Working through these times is about "HIM" not "I"! Him being God...what he longs for my and your life! The question then becomes am I willing to work on the things that need changed...some of the things I am already doing...eating better...exercising...there are other things that need to change as well...some I can do RIGHT NOW...some will take days...months...years to change, but the process is worth it. If God gives me 1 year or 60 more years, I pray that I will still be growing and changing...

So what does that mean for today? GREAT QUESTION...Focusing on these is my first priority...allowing them to guide what I do...the decisions I make...

1. Thriving...growing relationship with God
2. Deepening and passionate relationship with Kelsey
3. Enjoying and investing in my relationship with my kids
4. PROACTIVELY caring and protecting my physical/emotional health
5. Seeking out the best ways to influence people's lives toward Jesus
6. Enjoy life and people!

Family-Swimming-Ohio-Swim Party

Vacation was good...good to be home with the family! The kids had their conference swim meet last week and had some personal best times! Very cool to see them out there...I was never a swimmer so it is really cool to see how much they enjoy it!

We went to Ohio to see my family over the was good to hang out with Paul and Jill and their kids Trent, Troy and Jenna...I CANNOT BELIEVE what a MAN Trent is becoming!! MAN!! And Troy is not far behind!! CRAZY! OF COURSE Jenna is their little princess...gotta love having 2 older brothers to protect you! GREAT TIMES on the Portage Lakes on the Pontoon boat...4 hours...BEAUTIFUL! Relaxing (Well most of the time...except when Luke was dancing on the boat while it was rocking!! CRAZY KID!!) Really fun seeing mom and dad...Aunt Judy...Uncle Larry, Aunt Lora, Mary Beth...Jeff-Lisa and the kids...good times...VERY SHORT, but good!

Sooooooo...we are at the swim team party Sunday night and they are giving fun awards out. Chloe gets the "most intense." (Wonder where she gets that from!) She is ALWAYS focused and CHEERING her teammates on LIKE CRAZY! The coaches told a story about Jaden at one of the meets...he walked by coach Danny and said: "I think I'll win this race today." All matter-of-fact...and then he won it! (Wonder where he gets THAT?!) Funny story...we are working on the whole boasting thing!

Good times this week...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Night Reflections

Good service this a.m. We talked about James 3 and that the natural formula for our tongue is POISON! It is untamable and polluted...James 3: 8 says WE CANNOT tame the tongue.


There is a supernatural formula:

SC + W = P

Self Control + Wisdom = Person of Peace

2 Timothy 1: 7 and Galatians 5: 22-23 tell us that self-control is a gift of the even though WE cannot tame the tongue...THE SPIRIT OF GOD CAN!

THEN you look at the end of James 3 and it talks about Wisdom...GREAT stuff in there...verse 17 gives a whole list of characteristics that a wise person has...GREAT list!!

This was a convicting passage for me...sure enjoyed preaching on it!

Going on vacation this week...unplugging from my cell phone and the internet. Just want to escape away with God and family...looking forward to it. The past 4 months have been life changing...challenging...scary...renewing...refocusing...and it will be good to get some time with Kels and the kids!

See you next week!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A moment

Last night before I went to bed I took a moment to look up...there were soooooo many stars. I just LOVE being out in enjoying the was beautiful. Everyone was in their tents...everything was was just God...his creation...and me...Those moments fuel my spirit!


I am thankful that I was a passionate sports fan this was an AWFUL weekend...knowing that LeBron was going to the Miami Heat. I am EXTREMELY disappointed...EXTREMELY! I would have LOVED to see him step up and stay loyal to his home town...But as I have said through this whole ordeal...If it is about loyalty he will stay in Cleveland, BUT who wouldn't want to play with 2 of the best players in the NBA right now. BUT it still REALLY...REALLY STINKS! The Shot...The Drive...The Fumble and now THE sure is tough being a Cleveland fan!!!!

The Clouds Were Lifted!

For the first time ever our family went camping and there was NOT a thunder storm!! We went camping with our church this weekend and had BEAUTIFUL weather! Great times hanging out with people from the church...a few of us camped and many others came for either the day on Thursday or Friday. We had a 40 foot slip-n-slide...LOTS of fun swimming...good camp conversations...greater people! weekend!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"It Is Finished."

Continuing our Month of is a letter I emailed to our church:

“IT IS FINISHED.” Those are the words of our Savior. He said them…his work on the cross was done. His time of carrying the burden of our sin was finished. He had sacrificed enough… “IT IS FINISHED.” That was all that was left…To speak the words and to die.

Let me ask you a question…if Jesus said “IT IS FINISHED.” Why are you still holding on to the guilt of your sin? Why haven’t you let it go? HE HAS! In that moment on the cross. He paid the price for your sin, so if you have confessed that sin to him…it’s time for you to let go too. DO IT. DO IT! Allow God to release you not only from the burden of your sin, but from the guilt it leaves behind.

Jesus said it…3 powerful words… “IT IS FINISHED.”

It’s time to let go…

I love you all and pray for you…

Pastor Tim


YES! Tonight I finished my 2nd class to renew my teaching license. I have been taking classes since feels good to have it completed. (And my due date isn't until next Tuesday...Whoo-hoo!!) Feels really good to be done...really good.

The smile said it all...

I had the opportunity today to do a graveside service for Andre's uncle. His mom is from Florida and about a year ago I did the service for his grandpa. As I left the cemetery I noticed the time...If I hustled I could make it to the 4H Fair Grounds for Jaden's pet parade...Jaden was dressed up in his sports gear and had his bunny Fudge in a soccer jersey and we painted a green rug to look like a soccer field. It was pretty cool!

Last night I had told Jaden that I had the graveside service and wouldn't be able to make the parade. His face dropped...he understood, but was CLEARLY sad. So...when I saw that I had time to make it I took off...changed in the car...RAN into the fair and made it just as the MC said " to start the parade!" PERFECT timing...He looked like a little stud out there and did a GREAT job when he got interviewed!

Then it was brief, but priceless. He flashed his "Jaden" smile when he saw me. The smile that says..."glad you made it dad." It was a VERY precious moment for me.

Sometimes the little things that we do...even when it is just a few minutes...can brighten a day or show someone you love them. I was glad I rushed around to get there...that smile made it worth it!

Monday, July 5, 2010

More Monday Reflections

Jim continued our study in the book of James. It was a convicting message...I do have to say that it was good to see Jim in a suit!

Highlights from the message:
-Mercy triumphs over judgment
-Favoritism is forbidden!
-Equality should be the goal
-Don't look at yourself better than what you are
-SURROUND yourself with people YOU can benefit
-Be willing to help people who can't help you back
-How can we EVER pay Jesus back?!
-whose cause did you defend this week that wasn't your own
-Do what you do for yourself for others
-Mercy seals it
-Everything you speak will be judged
-Mercy is holding back what someone deserves...not giving them what they deserve
-Mercy triumphs over judgment

Great stuff!

Monday Reflections

-We had a great time hanging out with Kelsey's family this weekend...her brother Ed always puts on an AMAZING fireworks show for us...he pours TONS of time into it and it pays off! Probably had 100 people there to watch it...AWESOME!

Sunday afternoon I played tennis with Kelsey's brother's Stu & Ed...good times! Knees are aching today, but it's worth it! After tennis we went on our 3rd Annual Family Bike Parade...we decorate our bikes for the 4th and ride around mom and dad's neighborhood...the kids really get into it!

We went to North Liberty last night for fireworks and they did a nice job too...the kids were sure tired this a.m. They had a make up swim meet at Knollwood Country Club and had to be there by 9:00...Chloe is doing 4H this year with her bunnies, so she had to be there before the meet. Going to be a busy week!

Our neices and nephews are sure growing up quickly! MAN! SLOW DOWN!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Praising God...not my words!

I posted earlier this week about our family meeting last Saturday...Today I have been going over the notes that the groups wrote...(I had everyone split into 3 groups so everyone could give input.) I have gone over the things they listed that need improvement...things we need to work on. I also went over the things that each group listed that we could praise God for about Grace Community. It was good to review and see what people wrote...We often put a lot of attention on what we need to improve and not enough attention on what GOD is doing through us that is GOOD! are the things that the groups came up with...

Group 1 Response;
-People steppin' up
-Very (Tight) knit family
-amazing soccer camp

Group 2 Responses:
-Outreach: Soccer Camp, Community Hope, Mugging (we take a mug of candy to people who have visited the church for the first time)
-Relationships (family)-->you can count
-Team work
-Praise Team
-The building

Group 3:
-God loves us!
-New people serving in kid's ministries
-relationships that are built between us
-Our own place to meet (building)
-music...people stepping out to lead
-Don cleaning the building on Mondays!
-3 families cleaning the building on weekends
-34 NEW kids in 1 week in Kidzone
-Ericka leading & Wooster Youth helping with soccer camp
-for the people that come and are faithful & you can count on them
-cash offering from Dad Fest from Goshen

VERY COOL to see the similarities in these...Family...Relationships...Serving...Place to meet...Outreach...Great to be thankful...great to remember...THANKS SO MUCH GOD for all that you are doing here!


What a word...Confession...1John 1:9 "If you confess your sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." I have known this verse since I was a little kid! Many people take this as their free ticket..."it's o.k. if I mess up...God will forgive me." COME ON! God longs for life change...that behind the confession is true repentance. That you do a turn...take a detour and head in a different direction. If we confess but never change patterns and behaviors in our lives...what good is that? WE MUST LIVE DIFFERENTLY if we expect different results.

Take a look at your life...are there things that need to be confessed to God...are there areas where you need to take a detour...a different path? DO IT! forgive and use the Holy Spirit to help you change and live differently!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


-Took my day off today...
-GREAT time today at the Warren Dunes with the family and Ed, Carmel and the kids. (Kels' brother!)
-Water was Cold...but really fun
-Swam and played football in the water
-BURIED Jaden and Luke in the sand!
-Went up Mount Baldy (A HUGE Sand Dune!) 2x's! You got it...2x's! Guess my heart is doing pretty well!
-I'm EXTREMELY sunburned!
-AMAZING VIEW on top of the Sand Dune...
-We could see Chicago!! (Which is on the other side of the's high!)
-RUNNING down the dune is a VERY FUN experience...I LOVE IT!
-Went to viewing for a church member's mother...hurting people
-Went to Grillin' and Prayin' tonight...a teen ended up going to the ER...ripped open his elbow in a skateboarding accident...OUCH!
-He handled it REALLY well...tough young man!
-Good to hang out! was day one of LeBron James' free agency...I'm nervous!