Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"It Is Finished."

Continuing our Month of Prayer...here is a letter I emailed to our church:

“IT IS FINISHED.” Those are the words of our Savior. He said them…his work on the cross was done. His time of carrying the burden of our sin was finished. He had sacrificed enough… “IT IS FINISHED.” That was all that was left…To speak the words and to die.

Let me ask you a question…if Jesus said “IT IS FINISHED.” Why are you still holding on to the guilt of your sin? Why haven’t you let it go? HE HAS! In that moment on the cross. He paid the price for your sin, so if you have confessed that sin to him…it’s time for you to let go too. DO IT. DO IT! Allow God to release you not only from the burden of your sin, but from the guilt it leaves behind.

Jesus said it…3 powerful words… “IT IS FINISHED.”

It’s time to let go…

I love you all and pray for you…

Pastor Tim

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