Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The smile said it all...

I had the opportunity today to do a graveside service for Andre's uncle. His mom is from Florida and about a year ago I did the service for his grandpa. As I left the cemetery I noticed the time...If I hustled I could make it to the 4H Fair Grounds for Jaden's pet parade...Jaden was dressed up in his sports gear and had his bunny Fudge in a soccer jersey and we painted a green rug to look like a soccer field. It was pretty cool!

Last night I had told Jaden that I had the graveside service and wouldn't be able to make the parade. His face dropped...he understood, but was CLEARLY sad. So...when I saw that I had time to make it I took off...changed in the car...RAN into the fair and made it just as the MC said "Alright...now to start the parade!" PERFECT timing...He looked like a little stud out there and did a GREAT job when he got interviewed!

Then it happened...it was brief, but priceless. He flashed his "Jaden" smile when he saw me. The smile that says..."glad you made it dad." It was a VERY precious moment for me.

Sometimes the little things that we do...even when it is just a few minutes...can brighten a day or show someone you love them. I was glad I rushed around to get there...that smile made it worth it!

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