Friday, July 23, 2010


Last week's vacation was full of memories...I had the opportunity to run on the track at my old high school...looked in the windows and saw my old locker at the high school! Remembered every morning getting to school early and hanging out in the hallway with Sean, Jen & Jen & well...Jen (we had a lot of friends named Jen!!), John, Bill, Steve, Joe, Jason, Kristi, Dave, Nancy and on and on...great friends... drove my kids back by the band/choir room (which looks about the same!) and MANY memories flooded and choir shaping moments...My kids got to play on the playground I used to play on! I miss my family and friends from back home...I don't get back much (actually that was the first time I was back in 13 months!) it is hard to catch up with everyone. It was sure good to be back though.

While we were sitting in my parents backyard I had to take this picture of the "clubhouse!" I will never forget the night...Paul and I were sleeping outside...we didn't have the clubhouse then so we made one with a picnic table as our bed and the benches as the roof...I couldn't sleep and went inside and cried and cried and begged and begged dad for a clubhouse...(OK...I was REALLY little...back off!!) He did make was about half the size of the pic...then he added on a few years later. I have A LOT of fun memories of that clubhouse...times with my bro...with my dad...with cousins and friends...sneaking out at night and scaring my parents. (The kids better not read this!!) GREAT TIMES! GREAT MEMORIES!! Lots of talks and games...good times!

It was fun to be home to to remember...

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