Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My last post spoke to how amazing my meetings were yesterday...well I had one more! 5 guys...sitting in a circle...pouring over the scriptures...our plan was to talk about ALL of Colossians 2 in an hour or less...instead we made it through 5 verses in 1 hr. 15 minutes! The conversation...the prayers...we are REALLY seeking how God wants us to live...REALLY seeking was deep...moving...powerful to talk with these guys about the Word of God! I am soooooo blessed to be involved with a group...with a church that longs to study the Word like this...that has a hunger for Jesus like these guys do!

GUYS...GREAT living life with you...praying for you! PRAY and then OBEY!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day of meetings...REALLY REALLY good ones!

My day has been FULL of meetings! Taught classes this a.m. at school...had a meeting about a student in the middle of that...then the staff came over from Goshen and we talked. was good to talk...CRAZY jumping into that convo exactly 20 minutes after I left school...BUT I'LL TELL YOU THIS...some good stuff was talked about. Some intense stuff...I have been praying for some time for God to show us what HE wants His church to look like...what HE wants us to be doing. At one point in the meeting Jim asked me..."what do you think needs to happen time..." In that moment I really considered spewing out a bunch of thoughts and ideas...and they would have CLEARLY been worthless...instead I simply said..."I don't know." And I didn' fact it has been quite frustrating for me lately...I usually know where I'm going! Since December of 2003 when I prayed and asked God to give us a pinhole of what he wanted us to do as a church...and when the words "church planting" were that pinhole...I KNEW where I was going and little by little God made that pinhole bigger and bigger...God continued to open that door it became clearer and clearer what his direction was...when detours happened he made it clear which path to take...Then 2010 happened! That direction has been SHUT OFF for me for quite some time...There are seasons in our lives and this has been my longest season of winter EVER! I am soooooooo ready for spring to come in my life! I feel that I have been in the winter for TOO STINKIN' LONG! So I have been asking God for a new pinhole...a new direction...his direction...I have been praying for a greater passion for God...the lost...and HIS church!

GUESS WHAT?!?! When you pray a prayer like that...GOD RESPONDS!!!!

A hunger has started in my gut...a new and fresh hunger for his Word...THEN our staff meeting happened this morning...THEN...I met with Colin and Ben...I'm about to come out of my skin this afternoon!! Just an anticipation of what God has been doing behind the scenes that he is starting to show me! All I need is a pinhole...that's it...just a beginning of a picture and I will charge that mountain! And I believe that God is starting to reveal that...he is beginning to reveal that pinhole...and ONCE AGAIN he is using HIS Word AND HIS people to direct me and HIS Church!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hog Roast

FUN afternoon at the Hog Roast! Fun to have my parents there too! And was fun even though I lost for only the 2nd time this year at Corn Hole...AND lost for the 1ST TIME EVER at Grace Community...Dave Williams & Jerimae Yoder took Will Dettman and me hurt!

Dave and Sue Griffith shared along with their co-workers Michel & Dominique...AWESOME to hear their hearts...they have seen MANY come to Jesus in the past year...I had tears in my eyes as they shared about the number of souls saved and people baptized! PRAISE GOD! YEARS AND YEARS of planting seeds and they were able to see the harvest. I am so excited for what God is doing through them in France!!

Rusty and Kari did another fantastic job hosting this...probably over 200 people much fun!! THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH for a fun day Tuttle's!!


HUGE weekend! Sunday morning was simply AMAZING! Our time of reflection at the beginning of the service was like hitting a "reset" button for all of us...and it was a perfect fit into the message which was on Unswayable Courage...I got to speak this week...I enjoy it...Spoke about the fact that since we are made in God's image (Gen. 1!) then wouldn't he want to be pursued in many of the same ways that we should pursue our spouse. Think about it...Gary Chapman wrote A LOT about the 5 Love Languages...that each of us wants to be pursued through our love language...and that at times we want to be pursued by each of the love languages...So this week...we turned it to can we pursue him and show him love? Through...

1. Words of Affirmation
2. Giving Gifts
3. Touch
4. Acts of Service (just read Matthew 25!!!!)
5. Quality Time

Touch was a tough one at first...then I studied Matthew 25 a little more and it hit me..."whenever you do these to the least of these brothers of mine..." OH MAN! When our church hugs on Soccer Camp kids...when we share life with people at Community Hope (Community Hope is a monthly morning when we pass out food vouchers to struggling families) When we touch these people...hold their hand in prayer...give a hug...IT IS LIKE HUGGING GOD! IMAGINE THAT!!!!

Quality Time also really grabbed me this much do we REALLY dig into the Word of God? Are we in love with our love letter from God to us...his VERY OWN WORDS!!! Are we?

Closing Challenge...

-PRAY for a hunger for God
-MAKE time...schedule the time to spend time with God

Sounds simple...the question is...did you do it today? Did you carve out time for our spend time with him? GO DO IT!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I miss...

OK...this is a random post, but it is stuff that popped in my head...and they are DEFINITELY not all connected...very random!!

Things I miss:

-Old friends...both from High and beyond...people that have meant a lot to me, but I don't see or talk to much
-Coaching Middle School soccer...not the schedule...but I miss the kids and the was like a "release" or hobby for me...just not enough time!
-Family...with working most weekends it is hard to get back home!
-Ice Cream...I have hardly eaten ANY ice cream in the past 7 months
-Iced Coffee...ESPECIALLY Panera's I.C. Mocha...ON MAN!!
-Playing basketball...just don't get to do it much anymore...
-Manchester High School football games...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Go Panthers!! (that's my high school team...the team basically never loses...Nothing like Panther football on a fall night...with the band of course!!)
-Grandma and Grandpa Messner and Uncle Bob
-A healthy wife! I keep telling her that this will pass...but I know that it is such a struggle for her to not feel well!!
-Cloth diapers...oh I don't! BUT I'm going to have them again tooooooo soon!
-A baby's little smile...
-My kids funny words they said when they were REALLY small
-Prime Rib
-Eating LOTS of hamburger!

I have absolutely NO IDEA why this stuff jumped in my head...and no...I'm not depressed! I'm having a TOTALLY AWESOME and PRODUCTIVE day!!!! Just random things that jump into the mind of Tim Boucher!

Parents...Preaching...Hog Roast...Griffiths

My parents are driving over from Ohio today...looking forward to seeing them...we don't see each other a lot and it will be fun to have them here to watch Jaden and Luke's soccer games tomorrow...good stuff!

Sunday I'm preaching on Unswayable Pursuit...CANNOT WAIT! God has really been stirring up in me and it will be good to share that on Sunday...after the service we head to the Tuttle's for a Hog Roast...that is ALWAYS a lot of fun...good time hanging out...a couple of churches come together and some of their other friends and family...GREAT TIME! Dave and Sue Griffith will be here for that too...their missionaries to France that we support...they have one of their leaders here too...they have seen A LOT of people giving their lives to Jesus in the past has been VERY COOL to see what God is doing in and through them!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bonus Stuff

Got another thing...There are two questions that are haunting me right now...(actually there are a few more, but I'll stick with 2!)...

1. Is HIS Word enough?

No it? Is God's Word enough for me or do I think that I need something else? Do I have a hunger for his Word...a hunger that pushes me every week...every day to seek out the truth of God and how that will impact the way I live...Is THE WORD enough...I'll tell you...this has been CONVICTING over the past couple of days!

2. How will I be known?

Studying Colossians...Paul writes in chapter 1 how "he has heard..." about the church he has heard of their great faith...I wonder...what are people hearing about Tim Boucher...if a friend from the past runs into someone who is with me consistently today...what would they say to each other? I pray that my friends will be able to write me as Paul did..."Tim...GREAT to hear you are still faithful to the call of God! To your Savior!" I pray that for you too! How will we...better are we known?


Random and not so random stuff floating in my head...
-September is over 1/2 GONE...CRAZY!
-That means...Wild @ Heart is coming soon...CAN'T WAIT!
-Also means Kalahari is coming soon...CAN'T WAIT!
-Cried as I prayed through our building today...a fresh sense of longing for God to move...pretty cool
-SPEAKING OF COOL...our men's group is ROCKIN' COOL! We studied and studied the Word last night...BEST conversation on the Word that I have had in a long time...AMAZING...POWERFUL! Very cool!
-Great group of guys coming on Tuesday nights...if you are free on Tuesdays and you're a guy...COME ON OUT!
-BTW...Rob and I remain UNDEFEATED in Corn Hole...just FYI! (Playing for fun of course!)
-It is so great to see men praying for each other...the guys really shared STUFF that is happening in them...MAN IT WAS GOOD!
-My band class has A LOT of work to do! I still have 1/2 of the class without instruments...I told them that if they bring ANY $ in I would let them use an instrument...STILL 1/2 have not done ANY!
-I love watching students learning instruments for the first time...
-My choir is performing a song THEY PICK this week...they picked the song...found the accompaniment...PRODUCED the song...dress for the song...created to watch them
-Had to apologize to my choir for being impatient yesterday with them...told them that it is important that adults admit when they are wrong too! Hope that grab on to the lesson!
-I CANNOT WAIT TO PREACH ON SUNDAY...CANNOT WAIT...CANNOT WAIT! I am soooooooo ready and it is just Wednesday! God is doing some stirring in my heart!
-Had people step up to serve...looking forward to seeing them thrive!
-We prayed for Mike Nyhius as he took a worship pastor position in Bremen. Cool to see one of our own going into full-time ministry!
-Spent my run this morning thanking God...saying thank you to my feels so good to do that!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Great weekend...except for a few hours Saturday night and Sunday morning! I had a 12 hour "something" that really rocked me. I made it to service on Sunday, but felt HORRIBLE...hands shaking...just not fun. Saturday evening was about the same...not sure what the deal was! Sunday late afternoon I felt much better and was able to play HARD with the kids...made it a GREAT way to finish off the weekend.

A few thoughts from the weekend...

-GREAT service...Colin and Jerimae led...VERY GOOD!
-Nothing like standing on the other side of obedience
-People who are loyal stand up and stand out
-Loyalty will cost you something
-What would happen if we only had an audience of one? And the one was GOD! How would that change how we lived and make decisions?
-One day...God will look at us and say "well done." THAT should be enough for us to stay loyal to him!!
-GREAT message!
-Direction meeting after the service...had several step up and jump into ministry...very cool to see!
-McKinley School invited US to come to an event they are cool is that!!
-They also are giving us the freedom to come and volunteer at the school...STEP UP!!
-The principal at the school is AMAZING and works hard to develop the community and her school. VERY proactive lady! WE are BLESSED to have her in the school system!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been told countless times by parents with grown children..."Enjoy them now...they will grow up before you know it!" I sure try to keep this in mind. Today, Luke jumped on his bike and rode while I ran...I don't know if you have ever tried to exercise with a 4 year old on a bike, but it is not consistent running! BUT it sure was fun...we talked...we watched the tree trimmer truck...we looked for acorns...AND still he rode for 2.4 miles...the time was priceless...I LOVE spending time with my kids...I LOVE listening to them...I am working hard to slow myself down enough at home to be there even more for them. more thing...I LOVE the name "dad!" Just LOVE IT! When my kids say "dad..." it just LIGHTS ME UP! I have been blessed with 3 AMAZING children...I CANNOT WAIT to meet #4!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sluggish, but not anymore!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling AWFUL! I went for a run and needed to walk part of it...(something I learned over the past's ok to walk and stop sometimes! No really, is!!) Still didn't feel well at school and for part of the afternoon...but as the day wore on I started feeling better and better...

Then I figured it out! BAM!! (OK...Rusty said it and I'm claiming it!) I ate dinner...a big dinner late Monday night...(boys had soccer practice...) and eating that much that late is just not good...doesn't give you time to digest it before the a.m. Lesson learned...still will have to eat late dinners, just WATCH WHAT YOU EAT BOUCHER!

Wondering how often this happens in our spiritual often we eat the wrong junk "of the world" at times and wonder why we feel so far from God...we stop praying or are too busy to read the Word and then wonder why we are spiritually sluggish?

TAKE SOME TIME TODAY WITH in silence...thank him for 25 things...50 things! WHATEVER...just take some time with your Savior...make sure that your intake is healthy and for a healthy amount of time!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Powerful message...Unswayable Courage...a willingness to step charge the hill that no one believes you can win...lots of challenging nuggets in the message...LOTS!

-Courage happens when people walk through fear
-Discourage: taking courage away from someone
-Encourage: pouring courage into people
-If you don't have fear you'll never have to be courageous!
-Remind yourself of times when God came through for you in the past
-Courageous people believe that God is for them
-What is the last thing that you did for Jesus that cost you something?
-Are you a coward? Then you better read Revelation 21:6-8!!
-Courageous people do the unthinkable
-Stop listening to the negative voices
-Don't settle
-God is ready to supply us the power...
-Are you satisfied?
-What is next?

GREAT questions...and a great follow up to a discussion I had last week with my friends Ben and Colin...we talked about the kind of men we long to be in 10, 20, 30, 50 year...what characteristics do we want to have? Will we still be following God? Will be be risk takers? If God gives us that much do we want to be? do we need to live today...Good stuff!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playing in the rain!

First day of soccer games for Jaden and Luke...Jaden gets to have a goalie for the first time...his team is strong...some VERY good the ball well...we won 5-2...solid game...AND IT ALL HAPPENED IN THE POURING DOWN RAIN! if that was not enough...Luke had his first game ever in the rain...trouble was he was out in it for Jaden's game (it was barely sprinkling when we left) and got out to warm up about 10-15 min. before gametime...he was FREEZING and COLD! Our team got a good beat down...they are learning and mostly had fun! We only had 2 kids at the start of the game (3 play at a time), so we borrowed a player from the other team. Crazy first day, but it sure is fun to watch the boys develop!!

Now the boys have been in the "bath-shower" (shower running, but the drain closed) for 20 minutes...I'm in my Buckeye sweatshirt and hood up...hands are still cold 45 minutes after the game...AND GUESS WHAT?!?!! I'd go do it again in a SECOND!!! I LOVE THIS!!

Soccer...coaching...rain...being a dad...PRICELESS!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

6 months and counting

A little over 6 months ago God got my attention in a way that I never expected...I knew my family history...I knew that I had GREAT potential to have a heart attack someday...but I felt pretty stinkin' invincible. Oh...I wouldn't have said that...but that was how I lived.

I remember saying at the time of my heart attack..."I think in 6 months that I will be better than I've been in a long time."

So here I am...6 months later...and thankfully I was right...God is UNBELIEVABLE! I feel better and think I have better perspective than I've ever had. I'm probably the healthiest I have ever been in my life...I am feeling stronger and stronger...God is good.

The journey over the past months has been much more difficult than I ever would have thought...I anticipated the physical part...but it was the emotional and spiritual part that surprised me...there have been some extreme lows...the lowest point being back in May and early June...wasn't sure that I had much left to give. God has forced me to do some really go down to the depths of who I am...challenging me to be a better man...

Physically I feel great...My energy is better...I feel that I can focus more in meetings...I'm even enjoying meeting with people more now! I used to be ENERGIZED by meetings, but until about a month ago they would DRAIN ME...I just felt like I couldn't focus when I talked with people...I didn't really want to meet with people because I knew how tired I'd be afterwards...I was concerned about starting school honestly because I wasn't sure if I could handle all of the talking...singing...meeting with people. BUT once again God is faithful...not a surprise there! I'm beginning to feel ENERGIZED again by POURING my life in others!! God sure comes through when we need him most!

Then there is the "passion meter." I have been BEGGING God to restore my love for him...HIS church and the lost...and it is starting...a new-fresh fire is beginning in my heart and it feels good. Looking forward to seeing how God continues to stir me up!!

My family means more to me now than ever...I see with fresh eyes how blessed I am to have Kelsey as my be able to be a dad to Chloe, Jaden and Luke...AND baby Boucher...I realize more now how important it is that I give them my best...that I save my best for them...I am grateful that our God sees it in his provision to have Kelsey get pregnant AFTER my heart stuff and to have the due date 1 YEAR TO THE WEEK of my attack...our God is great is it that we will have that new memory for the end of February-beginning of March! He is sooooooo good.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mary Jo

I started this post last week...just couldn't get through it...then this past Saturday Mary Jo Kaser...a teacher for 37 years with SB Schools...passed away. She was only 59 years old and died of cancer...She had a HUGE impact on my life!

All people that you meet influence your life...some impact you deeply...then others help to shape your future in ways that you don't even realize at the time. Mary Jo was one of those people for me. When I first met her about 10 years ago...I wanted to teach and live in the South Bend area...I had been teaching in Bremen and living and going to church here in SB...Kels and I had prayed and prayed and decided that SB was for I contacted Mary Jo about getting a job here in SB. I had never met her before but had heard AMAZING things about her...they were all true!

Mary Jo worked hard to get me into the school system...and since I have been teaching here she has been a BIG encouragement to me...her passion for making things the best possible for her teachers...she was AMAZING. Her "job" was "Fine Arts Curriculum Facilitator" and she was fantastic at her job.

When I was looking to become a pastor and needed to move to part-time teaching, she worked HARD to help me make it happen...THEN...after leaving the schools for a couple years...last fall...she worked and worked and worked and worked to help me find a job that would fit with my schedule...GOD USED HER to get me 3 jobs over the past 8 years...and those jobs allowed me to continue to follow what I believe God has called me to do.

When I took time off, I would occasionally stop by her office in downtown to talk...see how life and the schools were doing...every time I left there, she encouraged me...

I will miss those talks...her laugh...her encouragement...I hurt for her boys and her grandchildren...I ache for my fellow teachers and administrators that loved her...timing doesn't make sense...she is still young...I know she will be greatly missed...deeply missed...she invested her life in people and it showed yesterday at her funeral as MANY came...tears flowed from my eyes as I watched her also made me thankful...thankful that our bodies and her body is only a tent...that her spirit was not there...she was with her Savior...I was also glad that I had the opportunity to know her. I'm a better person because of it!

Luke's First day

Luke went to preschool for the first time yesterday...he was sooooooooooo excited and did great! I'm so proud of him. I think Jaden is even prouder...he prayed "Lord, help Luke have a great time at my preschool like I did." It was adorable!

Lots of firsts for Luke in the past week...1st soccer practice...1st day of preschool...1st Soccer game will be Saturday! Cool!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I started reading the book Radical...going through the book with a couple of guys...going chapter by chapter...I usually devour more at a time, but really want this book to soak through chapter 1 last night...ripped me up...I haven't stopped thinking about it. The subtitle to the book says: "Taking back YOUR FAITH from the American Dream." And it is written by a pastor of a LARGE church...As I read the first chapter it really stirred up some emotions that I haven't felt in a reminded me of another book..."Holy Discontent" Something is happening down in my the depths of me that I have longed for, for some time...a stirring...a longing...

After reading the first chapter a quote a friend said recently came back to mind...we were talking about Keith Green...Jim Elliot...Rich Mullins...talking about people that passed away "before their time." Jason (my friend) said something that stuck..."Wouldn't it be better to only live for 30-40 years and live for something...have your life mean something...than to live for 70 and do nothing." Ooooo...that grabbed me...I would rather die...would rather give up my life serving the God that I love than live "comfortably" for 70-80 years...AND if God chooses to give me 70-80-90 years...then think of the influence I could have for him...the lives that are impacted.

So...after chapter is the deal for me..."Tim...make the most of each really...with the influence you have...with the people that are around you...make the most of today...whether that is 1 or 1,000,000...make the most of it...ETERNAL treasure...ETERNAL treasure..." I dedicated my life to that years ago and I confess that I've lost sight of that over the past year...I have become focused more on what I don't have...on what I wish that we had...on what I and our church could do if.............instead of focusing on what we have and making the most of it...(sounds like a parable on the talents!!) it is time to get back to making the most of every day and every moment. TODAY...that is what is important. LIVE may be all you have left before you see your Savior.

Can't wait for chapter 2!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I had a plan coming into today...Teaching in the a.m. Have lunch with a GREAT friend and key leader at Grace...pick up orchestra and band book on my way to the office and then jump in at the office and get things ready for Sunday and for teaching Kidzone this week.

WELL...the morning went according to plan...then my bud Travis called (and I AM SOOOOOO GLAD HE DID!) and asked if I could meet him and get the laptop to him for Sunday morning. We planned to meet after my lunch...well...I knew that Ericka needed the bulletin off of the laptop, so I turned on the laptop while I waited for my friend to arrive for lunch...ONLY THE LAPTOP IS NOT WORKING! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! This is not just a laptop, but THE laptop that runs ALL of our media for our service on Sunday!! I quickly sent a text to Travis saying that we couldn't meet...had lunch...(GREAT talk at lunch!!)...

As I left I quickly got on the phone to solve the laptop issue...of course you may wonder..."why not use your laptop or Jerimae's?" laptop is not working correctly either and Jerimae is out of town!!

Long story, just a little longer...we now have a functioning laptop for Sunday. (Thanks Scott Avey!!) But I have NO IDEA what we will do next! Hopefully we will be able to save our info from the laptop...

So...I had a plan, but I sure had to punt! Keeps life interesting!! And of course...everything worked out in the end and will work out in the end, just not the way I planned it!

AND...I know what you're thinking now..."TIM...what are you doing blogging when you have so much to do!!??" Yet another GREAT question!!


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Stuff running through my head right now...
-GOD is SOOOOOO good
-6 months since my heart attack...
-Feeling better than I've felt in a long time
-Not to us but to the GLORY OF GOD! WHAT A GREAT SONGS!
-I love my watching them grow helping them learn how to live this that they love Jesus!
-Went on a walk with Chloe last night...PRICELESS
-Saw the most amazing sunrise EVER on Sunday...just stood there for a while...POWERFUL...BEAUTIFUL...AMAZING
-A lot of people that I know have family that are passing away from cancer and other sickness...some are "too young" to pass...
-I know the theology behind it, but sometimes...I wonder why God allows such good people to suffer.
-My heart hurts for my friends...
-What is it...what is it that just gets people wrapped up in addictions...I long for people to the other be willing to suffer the short term PAIN of giving it up for the long term benefits!
-I can't wait for Kalahari next month. ( mind likes to get out of the tough stuff and think of something fun!!) hit..."bumped" by a car today...he just ran out of the house and into the street...he is limping pretty good...blessed to be alive!
-Our neighbors...Jason and Gail...are moving this weekend...they will be VERY MISSED. They are the kind of people that make our city a better place!
-Music is LOUD in the office right now...just got done prayer "walking" or jumping...shouting through our church building (bet you wish you could have seen that!!) I long to see God move restore marriages...heal sickness...people to run from sin...from addictions...for friendships to be restored...for people to come to know Jesus RIGHT HERE...for the walls to not be able to contain what God is doing through HIS church...
-I'm glad God loves me...glad he is patient...glad he forgives...and gives strength and POWER to us
-I have been tired this week...teaching choir is the one that takes the is like preaching on Sunday...48 minutes of pure ENERGY! And don't think there is not spiritual warfare happening in the classroom!
-Imagine this...if I wasn't teaching...I wouldn't have the opportunity to influence the lives of these kids and their families...
-The more I talk with people...the more I realize how blessed I am to have a job...much less 2 jobs and 2 jobs that I like!
-Did you make it this far?!?! Still reading?!?!?
2 Bonuses then....
1. I broke my PH 5k time this morning...ran the 5k in 24:40...1st mile was 9:10.34...mile 2 was 7:39.70...mile 3 7:15.86...then I SPRINTED to the end. It felt REALLY good...I always stretch and then take mile 1 pretty slow to warm up more...starting to think I might break my personal best time yet!

2. "Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord. Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord."

So what are you waiting for...FIND SOMETHING TO PRAISE THE LORD FOR!