Friday, September 10, 2010

6 months and counting

A little over 6 months ago God got my attention in a way that I never expected...I knew my family history...I knew that I had GREAT potential to have a heart attack someday...but I felt pretty stinkin' invincible. Oh...I wouldn't have said that...but that was how I lived.

I remember saying at the time of my heart attack..."I think in 6 months that I will be better than I've been in a long time."

So here I am...6 months later...and thankfully I was right...God is UNBELIEVABLE! I feel better and think I have better perspective than I've ever had. I'm probably the healthiest I have ever been in my life...I am feeling stronger and stronger...God is good.

The journey over the past months has been much more difficult than I ever would have thought...I anticipated the physical part...but it was the emotional and spiritual part that surprised me...there have been some extreme lows...the lowest point being back in May and early June...wasn't sure that I had much left to give. God has forced me to do some really go down to the depths of who I am...challenging me to be a better man...

Physically I feel great...My energy is better...I feel that I can focus more in meetings...I'm even enjoying meeting with people more now! I used to be ENERGIZED by meetings, but until about a month ago they would DRAIN ME...I just felt like I couldn't focus when I talked with people...I didn't really want to meet with people because I knew how tired I'd be afterwards...I was concerned about starting school honestly because I wasn't sure if I could handle all of the talking...singing...meeting with people. BUT once again God is faithful...not a surprise there! I'm beginning to feel ENERGIZED again by POURING my life in others!! God sure comes through when we need him most!

Then there is the "passion meter." I have been BEGGING God to restore my love for him...HIS church and the lost...and it is starting...a new-fresh fire is beginning in my heart and it feels good. Looking forward to seeing how God continues to stir me up!!

My family means more to me now than ever...I see with fresh eyes how blessed I am to have Kelsey as my be able to be a dad to Chloe, Jaden and Luke...AND baby Boucher...I realize more now how important it is that I give them my best...that I save my best for them...I am grateful that our God sees it in his provision to have Kelsey get pregnant AFTER my heart stuff and to have the due date 1 YEAR TO THE WEEK of my attack...our God is great is it that we will have that new memory for the end of February-beginning of March! He is sooooooo good.

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