Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sluggish, but not anymore!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling AWFUL! I went for a run and needed to walk part of it...(something I learned over the past's ok to walk and stop sometimes! No really, is!!) Still didn't feel well at school and for part of the afternoon...but as the day wore on I started feeling better and better...

Then I figured it out! BAM!! (OK...Rusty said it and I'm claiming it!) I ate dinner...a big dinner late Monday night...(boys had soccer practice...) and eating that much that late is just not good...doesn't give you time to digest it before the a.m. Lesson learned...still will have to eat late dinners, just WATCH WHAT YOU EAT BOUCHER!

Wondering how often this happens in our spiritual often we eat the wrong junk "of the world" at times and wonder why we feel so far from God...we stop praying or are too busy to read the Word and then wonder why we are spiritually sluggish?

TAKE SOME TIME TODAY WITH in silence...thank him for 25 things...50 things! WHATEVER...just take some time with your Savior...make sure that your intake is healthy and for a healthy amount of time!

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