Saturday, March 17, 2012

Manning + Tebow = Super Bowl Ring


Tebow is an AMAZING leader and VERY SMART and talented athlete.

Manning is one of the best QB's EVER and even at his "diminishing state" is still a better QB than most every QB in the league.

So here is my thought...first...Denver is a GREAT PLACE for Peyton to play...actually...I mentioned on Facebook on the day he was released that I thought he should go to Denver. They have an TOUGH defense, so he could work his way back and not have to do it all.

I ALSO BELIEVE that because of Tebow...Peyton can focus on his health and getting back to peak performance and let Tebow be the leader of the team...No really...

So WHAT DO YOU DO WITH TEBOW?!?! Put the "kid" at RB and TE...seriously...he is a solid long as he can catch, he is big and strong...PLUS...he can throw some, so you have some trick plays!

I WOULD SAY THIS...if Tebow moved to TE...with Tebow's work ethic and Peyton's ability to make anyone into a great receiver...WATCH OUT...Timmy Tebow will be a Pro Bowl TE by the end of the season. PLUS...he can continue to lead the team emotionally too!!

AND...he wouldn't be able to play in the PRO BOWL game because Denver's Defense will be #1...Peyton will be Back and Both Peyton and Tebow will miss the Pro Bowl because they will be playing for a Super Bowl!!

So here it is and WHY NOT?!?!? Would be best case senerio for both Peyton and Tebow!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Listen up!

Doctors. We pay them A LOT of money. A LOT! We ask for their wisdom...their advice...we want them to be miracle workers...want them to heal our bodies...our minds...we want all our physical and emotional issues to just disappear when they take care of us...

Here is my question though...


You know what I mean? They tell us to take time rest our bodies...and we think..."I'll be alright...I can go back to work/school/regular activities now...I'll be fine!" They encourage us to take medicine for a certain time...and we think..."probably long enough...I'm good!" They encourage us to change a behavior...even give us steps on how to do it...But somehow we think we are smarter than them!!

This really hit me a while back...Here I was...sick as I have ever been in my doc tells me to take AT LEAST...that wasn't a was A MINIMUM...AT LEAST a month off...I had the time built I could do it...BUT NO...I knew better than him...SO I went back to work after about 3 weeks...worked hard...and it set my recovery back...and as I look back (because we always have 20/20 vision then!!) set my recovery back by months...probably by about a year!! What if I would have simply listened to my doc's advice?!?!?!

SO...why don't we just listen? For some reason we think we know better!! Good ol' human nature...we ask the experts their advice...but then we only use what makes us happy!

Same thing happens in our spiritual lives...we read the Bible...listen to people who have "been down the road before..." yet we think..."It won't happen to me like that...I'll be alright..." only to roadblock ourselves and set our development back by months...sometimes years!! And frankly...I've watched some ruin their lives and deeply hurt people around them...simply because they weren't willing to listen and act.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible has A LOT to say about listening to wisdom...LOTS TO SAY. I still have not become a master listener...but I am working harder to listen to those around me...those that have been down the path learn from their absorb some "tips" from their that I don't fall into wrong I make positive habits and patterns in my life...sometimes this makes me go against the grain of my makeup...but when I have it is soooooo worth it...saves me time and pain!!

So let's "Listen up!" Which means we won't just HEAR wisdom...instead we will ACT on what we hear!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Be careful of your choices...they shape your life!

Finished coaching 5/6 grade girls basketball this week...I enjoy coaching...watching kids develop and working to bring the best out of them. This season was an interesting one...especially in the last week of the season...In the course of 5 days our top point guard (who could have started for the 7/8 grade team!) moved to Georgia...because of that we had a VERY TOUGH game in our final game...very tough...didn't play well...just struggled...the truth is WE DIDN'T SCORE!!! And one of the teams we played we had already beaten earlier in the make matters worse on our girls...our 2nd point guard and 2nd ball-handler quit the team after that was TOUGH on the girls!!

So the rest of the team had a choice to make...I couldn't make it for them...they had to choose whether they would cave in and quit...either literally or on the court...or would they step up with 1 practice left and then our tournament. I believe that although this is 5/6 bball...still patterns get set in your life STARTING if they were to cave and give would hurt their future...the next time they ran into an obstacle in their life...they likely would give up again. BUT if they confronted the adversity and disappointment...Ummm....character building stuff right there!

I couldn't wait for our last see how the girls would respond...I was excited and nervous...not because we would win or lose our games, but because their decision mattered for their lives... add to the drama...our last practice was to be a scrimmage between the 7/8 grade JV bball team and our 5/6 varsity team...

The scrimmage started and YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN OUR GIRLS SMILES when they made our first shot!! It was like redemption took place and a transformation on our team...we ended up losing the scrimmage by 2 pts. but OH THESE GIRLS WON! They chose to overcome their obstacles, not give up and PLAYED REALLY HARD.

Then the tourney came on Saturday...the first game was against the same team that we had not scored against earlier in the week...ONLY THIS TIME...we did score and ended up losing by 6 pts in a HARD FOUGHT GAME...I wish I had video of my girls diving all over the floor for loose balls...ripping the ball out of the other teams hands...we were annoying to play against and simply weren't going away! I was never so proud of a loss in my life! These girls bounced back.

BUT...a loss meant that we had to play another game RIGHT AWAY! We had exactly 10 minutes from our 1st round loss to play our next game against a team that had a girl taller than me and ALL of their starters were bigger than us!! NOW it was another challenge...

OUR GIRLS BATTLED...fought...played their hearts out...we were up 4 in the 4th when the other team tied it up...only this time the girls didn't get the "deer in the headlight look" instead they made the plays to end up winning by 6!!

SOOOOO proud of the girls...VERY PROUD!! They had every excuse to give up on their season...2 of our top players either moved or quit on the week of the tourney...people were playing different of our other top players injured her finger in the first game and was limited in what she could do...BUT instead of caving in...they stepped up! THAT excites me for their future...excited about how one day...they will face adversity in their life...probably MUCH TOUGHER than this...BUT they can look back and know...that although the circumstances seem stacked against them...if they pull themselves and others around them up...they can make it through...PROUD of the girls. The future is good here in South Bend because of kids like these!!

Random Stuff

Stuff that jumps into my head...and please remember that I am medicated after surgery!

-Pains meds work REALLY well!
-My wife is amazing...while taking care of me...she got our kids ready for school...did taking care of Sadie...made the about to make our lunch...I'm tired just watching her! (Oh...she played Yahtzee with me too!!)
-Finished off Leviticus in the Bible today...lots of rules
-God is pretty serious when it comes to sin
-Thankful for Jesus and grace!
-3 months until I'm full time at church...looking forward to it
-Have some cool pics of the inside of my knee...not really sure what I'm looking at, but it's cool!
-Doctor said to not be up a lot for at least 7-10 days...what defines "a lot?"
-I'm really going to miss playing indoor soccer over the next couple of has been REALLY fun to be playing again! Really fun!
-Friends...God has sure blessed me with amazing ones!
-had our final girls basketball party Wednesday...great group of young night!
-I love the Price is Right...watching it right now!!
-It frustrates me to see people with no health problems that don't take care of themselves...makes me wonder what they could accomplish if they did take care of their bodies!
-First small group Wednesday night...BEYOND excited about the group...I love our new model for groups...
-Time to eat I'm out of here! Maybe I'll continue this later...did I mention what an amazing wife I have...LOVE YOU KELSEY LYNN!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hey #35...thanks, you actually did me a favor!

I'm having knee surgery today...makes me think back to the beginning of all these problems...Ol' #35...I remember being sooooo excited entering my junior year of varsity....I was SOOOOOOOO excited! I could NOT WAIT for the basketball season to start. Simply could not wait! It was the pre-season and I was starting on varsity. It was a rebuilding year for our team...we had lost 10 seniors the year before...our JV team was solid and most of us moved up. We were playing in a scrimmage...when I was driving the lane...#35 from our opposing team came over and undercut my legs...blew out my knee. Season done. Actually...organized sports were done.

I was I posted yesterday...I simply LOVED the game of basketball...played ALL THE TIME! Honestly a lot of my identity came from sports...I hated life in 7th grade...(that's another post!!)...but 8th grade came and although our team STUNK...playing ball, I developed more friends...kinda had this "if I perform well, people like you" thing happening...So I jumped involved in as many things as I could and wrapped my life around sports and stuff. Let myself wander from God.

So when #35 changed my life...I was bitter...angry...felt pretty stinkin' sorry for myself. At one point my girlfriend at the time pulled me aside and lit into me...confronted me on my selfishness...I can still remember the conversation...I was convicted. See...she wasn't just talking...she had lost her mom at a very young age...she knew REAL pain...REAL loss...that conversation shaped me...this was just basketball...sure it was important, but not devastating...that conversation was the beginning of a perspective shift...less on my and what I thought I lost...and more on what the future would hold and how God would use it in my life.

As the years have past...I have become more grateful for #35...I moved from wanting revenge to being grateful...not for the pain that is for sure...(or today's surgery!)...but for the lessons...about what is most important in life...on how to begin to handle struggles...that more than Savior is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than anything else...AND he loves to use the broken things in our lives to shape us and others.

How about you? What is God using in your life right now to shape you? What has happened in your life that God can use to encourage others? I sure don't like going through the tough stuff...but those times sure change us...make us closer and more like our Savior!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing like playing ball outside!

It has been BEAUTIFUL outside the past couple of least it has been warmer and some SERIOUS wind!! So last night the kids and I were outside playing...Jaden wanted to play a game of "21." So we started our battle...QUITE FUN!!

The game took me back to when I was a kid...I used to spend HOURS on the basketball court...wind...heat...rain...even snow! (I'll never forget the night I had a bad game in High School...when I got home I grabbed the shovel and shoveled the snow off of the ROCKS in my driveway and practiced!)

I'll always remember the battles in H. S. with Deutsch, Roth and Hillrich at Deutsh's house...(I still think my friend Dave was trying to hurt me!! He believed in Rick Mahorn defense!!) I remember going to Mooney's house to play with a group of guys...and OF COURSE there were the courts by the old Nimisila School...HOURS OF TIME! Always outside...Nothing better than an afternoon/evening of playing ball with the guys...

Last night...the smell...the fresh air...the ball in the hands...just brought back A LOT of great memories! GREAT times back in the day! AND NOW...I get to do it with my kids! FUN!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

It only took 21 years!

It only took 21 years, but my High School Yearbook is finally right...The yearbook crew asked us what we thought we would be when we got older...I put..."a youth pastor"...Now after 21 years I will be! Starting in June (after the school year) I will be going on staff at the Living Stones Church as a Creative Arts/Student Ministries pastor...I AM VERY EXCITED!!!!

Ever since we had to close Grace Community back in June I have prayed...prayed for God to continue to use us where we are...and to show us what was next for our family. I prayed about moving out of South Bend...even had talks with a couple of people about church positions...We knew that we were going to be open to go wherever God wanted us to go.

During this time...we simply have not had any peace to move out of South Bend...frankly, I have felt that our work here is unfinished...that God has given us an opportunity to influence people closer to himself here...and that work was NOT done.


Sam...our pastor...talked to me about coming on staff...our Creative Arts pastor was leaving and moving to Kansas City and Sam wondered..."where I was at" with "stuff."


After A TON OF PRAYER...we really sensed that God was opening this door for us...AND...the church is a 1/2 mile from our house on the Southside of South Bend!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I never would have guessed this a year ago...but God sure has a way of working things out...Romans 8:28...been my verse for years...and here HE goes again!!