Monday, November 7, 2011

Dashboard...GREAT STUFF!

Pastor Sam NAILED it yesterday...we started a new message series at church called Dashboard. You know...the warning lights that go off on the dash of your car or van...they let you know...TROUBLE...BETTER GET YOUR VEHICLE IN TO BE FIXED! (I probably like this soooo much 'cause of our own dashboard problems!)

So Sam hit 12 Spiritual Warning Lights that could go off on the dashboard of our a some highlights that hit me..

*If God answered all of your prayers NOTHING of significance would change on earth...
This one is HUGE...we pray and pray and pray for God to help US with US do with OUR kids...OUR homes...OUR jobs...NONE OF WHICH ARE BAD...but what about earth shaking stuff...what about people that need Jesus...what about issues that affect our city, nation, world...what about...Are our prayers EARTH SHAKING? Are we PLEADING with God to do some CRAZY STUFF?

*You keep going back to a place where God moved you to spiritual growth.
-This is mine RIGHT NOW! Been thinking of this one for a couple months...I used to go to the East Race...down to the river...for times of meeting with God. Over the course of this year I have tried to go back have that time with God...only I've been forcing it. The time has come for me to find a new spot...a new place to connect with God...I've been moved into a new season of life...and the time has come to find a new spot to connect with God. I look forward to finding it, just as I have finally gotten to a point of being excited to find out how God wants to use us now.

Here is the thing on the last can't force can't force change...simply make the most of each moment that you're in right God and wait...and wait...and wait...NOW that is ACTIVE waiting! It's not's not just sitting around...BUT waiting on God...looking for him and GRABBING EACH MOMENT AS IT COMES!

Can't wait to see where my new spot will be...can't wait for that feeling of connection with God...the time of seeing HIS clear vision for how HE wants to work in his church and through me...did I mention that this is fun! (Now there is a shift over the past few months!) It's fun to try to unpack what God is doing all around me and how I and my family fit into that.

Enough for now!!