Sunday, October 16, 2011


Had the privilege to preach today at Keller Park Church...the church is making a HUGE difference in the Keller Park Neighborhood here in South Bend...Really making a difference as they practically have been serving there...Their pastor...Ryan a friend of mine and has a true shepherd's heart...a deep care for people and where they are. I believe the work he does there brings a smile to God's face!!

Today I talked about wisdom...about making sure that we have the right filter...that we use GOD's filter for figuring out what the best decisions are for our lives. And I'll admit was just good to preach this morning...not because I was preaching, but the process it takes to get it done...and the opportunity to speak to a group of people...a group that is truly living out the Great Commission...I enjoyed the time of prayer...pleading with God for words to share...for insight...the research through the Word...looking for ways to practically connect the Word to our lives...(Not tooooo hard to do when you get to speak on the book of James!)...the concern on Saturday night of whether people would connect with it...Ryan thanked me several times...but let's be honest...I'm the one who is thanking him for the opportunity to share the have my own heart stirred up again...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word of the Week: Courage!

Asked my students what courage was...some really good discussion! We decided that if fear is absent then you don't need courage. Why be courageous if you aren't worried or just isn't needed. So in order to have courage, we have to be confronting a struggle, fear or worry of some kind...

When I think of courage with my mind runs to their homes...I don't know all of their stories. I don't know what life is like at home...but some of the stories I's heart-breaking...students dealing with sick parents...another with a parent that has passed away...some not living with mom and dad anymore...others watching mom and dad going through a divorce...One student came up to me and told me how her young cousin passed away in a car accident.

These kids have courage to simply SHOW UP and give their best at school. I'm so proud of them...for working hard...for working to overcome some of their life circumstances. It is a privilege to teach these kids.

Then I think about the teachers and staff...thinking of things that are happening in their personal lives yet...they show up every day and pour their lives into these students...all while more expectations are heaped on them...and frankly the much of the blame for student's low scores. It is a privilege to serve with a group of people that want to make a difference in these kid's lives.

Then there are our administrators...both have walked through some illnesses over the years, yet they still have smiles on their faces as they work with us, the kids and their parents. They have courage each day as they face the struggles of doing what is best for our school...I don't envy the principals, and I'm soooo glad that they have not lost hope in these kids!

COURAGE...facing TOUGH STUFF and being willing to walk through it.

What is your struggle...your fear right now? What is the wall that you can't see over? The thing that makes your stomach turn? Will you be willing to face that struggle? Will you be willing to walk through that fear? It may not feel good...but as you face it and walk through it...YOU are living with courage!! So take the next step...(Hey...have you ever written something and thought that just maybe you were writing a note to yourself?? Hmmmmm....)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Stuff Around the Bouchers'...

Random Stuff as it pops in my head...
-Chloe ran a FANTASTIC final race at her City meet this week! SO proud of her!!
-1 1/2 years ago, Chloe would walk during a 1/2 mile run!! SO STINKIN PROUD OF HER!!
-DID I proud I am of the way she has improved...NICE!
-Wish I would have been a swimmer...that has sure helped Chloe's running!
-Wonder what Sadie will grow up to be like...the older 3 are so unique...wonder what...
-Luke received his first progress report...It was really good!!
-Teaching was like watching myself through the lives of several kids...
-What is it about drummers...they just have to push and tease people...then they give that smirk...the "What?!?! I didn't do anything?" smirk...(not that I have EVER given that look!!)
-Teaching is really is like preaching 5-6 times a day...I come home feeling spent each evening...
-Why do we sometimes expect more out of others than we do ourselves...that sure is backwards!
-Teaching a group of kids math...helping with their skills...the group is a challenge, but I really am enjoying connecting with these kids.
-Took my 7th grade band out to the football field today...rehearsed for a halftime song we are playing next week...
-Since we were outside...I raced the band in a 40 yd. Dash......
-OH...did I mention that I beat the 7th graders?? Some athletes in the class...guess the old band teacher can still run a little
-SPEAKING OF RUNNING...Jaden ran a 6min. 30 second mile...WHAT?!?!?! That is faster than any of my mile times this year!! (OR last year!!)
-THE KID IS 8 YEARS OLD!! Now he just needs to keep his limbs healthy
-I'm a different teacher after having worked with Jim Brown and the guys at Grace Community...I work differently...and better...A little of that DNA rubbed off!
-Wonder what life will be like in 5 years
-I know this...Sadie will be 5...Luke 10...Jaden 13...Chloe 16...Whoa!
-This weather is AWESOME! 80 during the at night! Almost makes me want to move to Cali!
-Feeling really blessed...amazing Savior...BEAUTIFUL wife...great kids...and so much more!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You just never know...

You just never know what is going to encourage someone...I cannot tell you how many times a simple note or text...really encourage me. Today was one of those days. 3 very simple things made my day...

First it was a call from a very good friend...the call was for a microphone that he needed, but he ended up encouraging me more than I can express...AND it all happened in less than 5 minutes! It was simple...but soooooo good!

Then I received an email...from another friend...asking for came out of the blue, but his request really encouraged my heart.

THEN...the icing on the was really short...the shortest of the 3...a got it...a text...very few words, but it came from a person I deeply respect and haven't talked to in a made my day and encouraged my heart to hear from him and know that he was thinking of me.

You have been there haven't you? A time when someone shares a simple word...a phrase that just lifts your spirit...just pushes you forward...simply makes your day. Not a huge conversation, but something to boost you up...

Today made me think...who do I need to encourage...who do I need to give that boost too...let's be honest...most of the time we don't even intend to encourage in those moments...they simply happen. BUT let's pray...pray that God allows us to influence people...not just in the BIG ways that many can see...but in the little the simple the times that we may never even know about...

SO DO IT...send that text...that email...that quick call...the one that will lift someone up...don't think for a SECOND that it doesn't it!