Sunday, October 16, 2011


Had the privilege to preach today at Keller Park Church...the church is making a HUGE difference in the Keller Park Neighborhood here in South Bend...Really making a difference as they practically have been serving there...Their pastor...Ryan a friend of mine and has a true shepherd's heart...a deep care for people and where they are. I believe the work he does there brings a smile to God's face!!

Today I talked about wisdom...about making sure that we have the right filter...that we use GOD's filter for figuring out what the best decisions are for our lives. And I'll admit was just good to preach this morning...not because I was preaching, but the process it takes to get it done...and the opportunity to speak to a group of people...a group that is truly living out the Great Commission...I enjoyed the time of prayer...pleading with God for words to share...for insight...the research through the Word...looking for ways to practically connect the Word to our lives...(Not tooooo hard to do when you get to speak on the book of James!)...the concern on Saturday night of whether people would connect with it...Ryan thanked me several times...but let's be honest...I'm the one who is thanking him for the opportunity to share the have my own heart stirred up again...

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Anonymous said...

The sentence written by you that is I AM THE ONE WHO IS THANKING HIM is eye opener