Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleep in on the front end

I read this quote in a book a finished a few weeks back called "Leading on Empty." The author presented the idea of sleeping in on the front end...instead of sleeping in longer in the morning...go to bed earlier at night! Hence..."the front end." We get our best sleep between 10 or 11-2, yet we often chew that up by staying up too late!

I AM HORRIBLE at this principle...I love to stay up and can hardly get to bed before 11...Kels and I are working hard to discipline ourselves to do better. Last night I was asleep before 10! A MIRACLE!! The thing is...our dog kept us up in the middle of the night, yet I feel more rested today. I got to sleep through my "prime sleeping hours."

SELF-DISCIPLINE is the key to this...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School Party

We had a Back to School Party and invited kids from McKinley Primary Center...the school closest to our church. It was a BLAST! We gave away tons of free-fun school supplies...kids ate cotton candy, pop corn, sno-cones, pizza (THANKS PAPA MURPHYS!!)...it was a blast...we had some outside games...the Obstacle course was a hit. I think Jaden did it 100 times! He was non-stop for 2+ hours. (He started before the other kids got there!) Definately a success as we had over 70 kids there! GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE!!

Monday Reflections

We had a GREAT morning yesterday...the theme was Unswayable Love...the music...Jim's message...POWERFUL...an OUTSTANDING time of worship. On the 5th Sunday of the month the kids have a movie morning...it's something we started in the theater...they watched "Bibleman!" A enemy defeating...scripture quoting...adventure hero...

Jim preached from Romans 8: 28--> It is my all-time favorite passage. The bottom line of the message..."God loves you." Period. That's it. GOD LOVES YOU! Before the creation of the world he picked YOU to be on his team...once we have come to Jesus, NOTHING...NOTHING can separate us from him...NOTHING! Isn't that GREAT to know...On my worst...average...or my best day GOD LOVES ME THE SAME! UM...I like that!

Just in case we don't get the point...Paul finishes the passage strongly...

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."


Friday, August 27, 2010

Remembering X: I ran.

I ran. I escaped. I tried to hide.

In 1993 I was a junior at Grace College...involved in leadership at the school...but after my fall semester I dropped out...I ran. Ran as fast I could to get away from all responsibility. I was losing control of my life and rather than face it...I ran. Rather than trust God to make the changes that needed to be made...I ran. I got a job back home in Ohio and honestly thought about ways that I could wreck my life...I wanted to experience life "on the other-side."

It was during this time that I ran into Pastor Tim...He was the youth pastor at Goss Memorial Church where I grew up...Tim took time to ask me some tough life-shaping questions...questions that PENETRATED my heart...ones that got to the core of who I was at that time. I AM ETERNALLY grateful for Tim...God used him to change the direction of my life...to redirect me...I ended up going back to Grace in '94 and meeting this really amazing woman!

Sure glad God didn't give up on me when I tried to run away from him!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Chloe, Jaden and I all had our first day of school today! Chloe's bus never came, so she ended up being late...I was watching her walk to the bus stop this morning and thinking back to when she used to go to soccer practices with me at LaSalle...the girl's team I coached would play with her and she would get to ride the "gator." She wasn't even in school! Now she is going to LaSalle...I'm so proud of her...she has Mrs. Lotridge and Mr. Marosz...AMAZING TEACHERS! Just INCREDIBLE! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for her!

Jaden is ready to go...looking proud and excited for his first day...it will be the first time he rides the bus without "big sis" around...Kels said he looked like he owned the bus when we walked on there...love that boy!!

My first day went well...it was good to be back in the classroom again. I love the first day of school...setting expectations...kids have big dreams...I have several students that I know...Emma from church is one...she is an OUTSTANDING student...reminds me A LOT of Chloe...in the same class is Caleb...son of a good friend of mine...I promised not to hold it against him because of who his father is...27 beginning orchestra students in that class...Whoo-hoo!

Hardest thing about the morning was telling 2 students that they would not have orchestra this year, because they had to cancel the class...there weren't enough students signed up. It broke my heart! The one boy was in tears...it saddened my heart...

Best thing about the day is seeing the look of anticipation on the kid's faces...they have dreams for the year...they are EXCITED to see their friends...

My expectations for my class are simple...

Be Courteous
Be Respectful
Be a Listener

That's it! As I told each of my classes today...IMAGINE what our city would be like if we did these 3 things...not just in school...but to EVERYONE...EVERYWHERE...That is a place I'd like to live!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The weekend was a WHIRLWIND! Between church stuff and getting ready for school it was JUST CRAZY! I took Monday as my off day...and got some stuff ready for school too...Sunday morning was great...I was teaching up in Kidzone...I really love investing in the kid's lives. I believe that they are the church of TODAY...many people talk about kids being the church of tomorrow...they talk about a child's future...the church's future...but the deal is...we NEVER know the day or the hour our Lord will call us to himself...so some of the kids may not be here tomorrow...SO MAKE THE MOST OF TODAY! We are talking about PEACE this month...great stuff...our curriculum (252 basics) is OUTSTANDING! LOVE IT!

Sunday after church we wrapped up our packages for our Teacher Blitz...we gave teachers at our closest elementary school a gift...Kleenex-hand sanitizer-AND CANDY! Simple but good! They were delivered today!! My only BUMMER is that I had to go to my school, so I couldn't help deliver them!! VERY FUN to encourage teachers! Nancy made an AMAZINGLY COOL card thanking all of the teachers for their service to our kids...SHE IS REALLY GOOD!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Must See!

I love how God takes our plans and makes them better. The link below is to our Goshen Youth Pastor's blog...Rich Yauger...they had their fall kick-off night and God did some cool stuff. Took Yaug's plan and made it better! LOVE IT WHEN GOD SHOWS UP!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scheduling for success!

Today was my first day back to being bi vocational...Had teaching meetings all morning...church work all afternoon...and the FINAL Grillin' & Prayin' tonight! FULL DAY!!

On of my goals for the week was to plan out the fall...actually the whole school year...and to make sure that I am putting time in for the following priorities:

1. God Time
2. Kelsey Time
3. Kid Time
4. Personal Time: Spiritual/emotional/hobby/physical
5. Influencing people through work and life time

I have wrestled with how I can do each of these the best...In the past I have focused on God...family...church/work...I had often neglected my personal health and refueling...I had set my schedule according to what I thought people would want from me...to do the best possible job I could at Church, school and home...

BUT...something is missing there! If I don't take good care of the temple God gave me...TROUBLE!! I won't really do the other things well when I just push and push and push...so this year (being school year)...I have set out to prioritize my life better. To be healthier inside and out and therefore more productive in influencing my family and other people closer to God.

My goal is to be THRIVING at the end of December and the beginning of June not just surviving. Last year...I looked like death in December after teaching and pastoring...Kelsey said at the time that it was the worst she has ever seen me...My goal is to be thriving in the 5 areas above...I think I put together a decent plan for the fall...taking some days off from school and church to make it happen...building in time for vision/prayer/reflection...building in time to take Kels on dates (we aren't very good at making that time!!)...invest in my kids...planning time off...time to exercise...

NEXT...I will put in the schedule for church and school activities...and strategically plan how we can BEST influence our community for Jesus...175,000 people within 5 miles of our church building!! THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE!

I'm flexible with my schedule, but I know that if I don't strategically make a plan...then next March I'll be back in the hospital...but this time...if I go to the hospital it won't be because I didn't do my best to take care of the temple God gave me...it'll be because God allowed something to happen to me...So here we go...let the adventure begin...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jackson Intermediate Center

I'll be teaching this year at Jackson...teaching 5-8th grade orchestra and possibly a choir class. I LOVE how God worked this out...I was in line to get my job back from last year, but something happened...it wasn't posted correctly or something and they had to withdrawal the job. So...I went looking again and a good friend Jeff Gorman said a position was open at Jackson...it is a good fit! My day will be done at 11:30...should work well! The principal was the assistant principal when I taught there 8 years ago and she is excellent. I am looking forward to the year!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Take your son to work day!

With only a week to go it was time! This morning Jaden came to hang out with me at the office...before we left he went with me for my morning jog...he rode part on his bike and ran the rest...fun going with him...it won't be long before he is out running me distance-wise...the kid just doesn't get tired!

One Mondays I like to start my week away from the office...so Jaden and I went and prayerwalked at the River...we found one of my 2 favorite spots...a floating dock...and prayed...How cool to hear him pray for his upcoming school year. I love the growth that I see in Jaden...I'm so proud of him. 2nd grade!!

Now I've been working in the office while he skateboards in the auditorium and is watching Star Wars II...(I guess that is working for him!!)

Monday Reflections

GREAT service yesterday...people left with tears in their eyes as we closed our series on the Book of James with prayer. Jim's message was POWERFUL...he spoke deeply into our hearts...GREAT CHALLENGE!

The biggest point he made that jumped out to me was when he spoke on how we live our lives through the week will affect our prayers. If I'm living for Jesus...confession and fleeing sin...if I'm giving him my life...then when I pray for someone it affect my prayers to God.

I played drums yesterday morning and just had to call our people out as they worshipped. Imagine this...what would happen if we had to worship God for the first 1000 years we are in heaven IN THE EXACT SAME WAY WE WORSHIP HIM NOW?! Some people would be pretty stinkin' scary lookin' for that time!! We SCREAM at the TV for our sports teams...we cheer our kids on at their events...YET we struggle to even give God a smile! COME ON CHURCH! GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR SAVIOR!!

Luke and I had a great time Saturday hanging out with Jim and his family and other leaders from our Goshen Campus...Tim Welling and I won the Corn Hole Tourney!! Luke got to ride a 4-wheeler and even drove my car! (Only on the grass area of course!) My little green car now has about 25 dents from all of the water balloons that hit it as we left!! (Oh...easy to cover that with Pastor Jim's Professional Expense...might even get a new car out of the deal!! ;0)

One more week until school starts...continuing to wait for the official word from South Bend Schools on my hiring...I like to have something signed...make it official!!

Kels has been VERY sick with this pregnancy...most difficult one yet...Looking forward to the 1st trimester being over!! 4 kids...WOW!! We have been talking about how we will rearrange our rooms...wonder if the baby is a boy or girl?!?!?!?!??!

Friday, August 13, 2010

YES! I like this idea!!!!

The state of Indiana is having a contest...quit smoking and get prizes! THAT IS GREAT! People all around us are LITERALLY KILLING THEMSELVES by smoking...they are cheapening their lives...whether it be by not living as long or not living as well...they are hurting themselves. AND it doesn't stop there...they are hurting others, our environment AND their budgets! Indiana has the 6th HIGHEST smoking rate in the country!
I long for people to overcome this addiction and say WAY TO GO INDIANA for putting this together. I PRAY...PLEAD with God to give people the boldness...the strength...the self-control to overcome this...WHY? Because GOD longs for our bodies to be clean before him...he longs for us to be at our personal best...so I ask him to help people that struggle with this to OVERCOME! JUMP ON BOARD AND QUIT! Your GOD...spouse...children...family...friends...NEED YOU...and need you AT YOUR PERSONAL BEST...START TODAY!

Click on the picture above to go to the website...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Check that off the bucket list! A day of firsts at the pool!

The Boucher's headed out to Potowatomi Pool yesterday...it has a 3 story high slide and diving board, so we told our kids we would head there at least once this summer.

OH MY GOODNESS...we had sooooooo much fun! It had to be the fastest day of the summer so far.

Here is our list of firsts in no particular order...

LUKE: This crazy little guy swam the width of the pool 2x's to pass the swimming test so he...AT 4 YEARS OLD...could go down the 3 story high slide and jump off of the diving board. HE WAS AMAZING...he swam at least 25 yds without stopping...THEN spent 3-4 hours sliding and jumping...

CHLOE: Did a flip off of the diving board...IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cool!

JADEN: Dove off a diving board for the first time...THEN he leaped off the diving board...that little dude is like a spring off that thing!

TIM: YEP...like son, like father...yep...you read it right...like son, like father! For the first time in my life I "dove" (if that is what you call it!) off the diving board...as I've shared before...the first time I jumped in deep water was last summer...and my bucket list had that I would jump off of a diving board some day and DONE! VERY COOL! Although I have A LOT to learn...cause I have no idea how to dive...

KELSEY: She actually was able to eat dinner with us last night...for the first time in weeks! SHE IS PREGNANT and hasn't eaten dinner in FOREVER due to "evening" sickness...

EVERYONE had a first yesterday!! Fun times.........

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remembering IX: Leadership is TOUGH!

The summer of '91 started with a BANG! I pulled into the parking lot of the Civic Theater in downtown Akron at 6:00 p.m. for my high school graduation...EXACTLY 12 hours later...at 6 a.m. the next morning I was on an airplane headed to Estes Park, CO (that is sacrificing for Jesus in Estes Park!!) for Continental Singers rehearsal camp. What I didn't realize at the time was that I was about to learn some hard lessons on leadership that summer.

I LOVED my first tour on Continentals...AMAZING life changing summer...but the summer of '91 was different...this summer we had a VERY talented group, but we had A LOT of turmoil on the team...LOTS of personal and relationship issues...we had over 10 girls with eating disorders...we had one guy take his bag and walk away from the tour...LITERALLY...walked away one night in the middle of one of our concerts...we had people drinking alcohol at host families houses, knowing it wasn't allowed on tour...it was CRAZY stuff!

I deeply loved my director Vin...a major mentor in my life...and it deeply hurt me to see him struggle through the summer. To see him lead through the mess...He was personally attacked (not physically...although we were on guard a couple of times!!) during and well after the tour. I often felt caught in the middle...Having toured with Vin the year before, he looked to me to lead and I could see Vin's side of things and could understand some of my friends on tour side of things...It was a very difficult summer...and I learned a valuable lesson at 18 years old...leadership is not for the weak! People look at leaders and lift them up on a pedestal...they would see Vin lead our concerts...confident...passionate...and yet they had no idea that behind the scenes there was major conflict that he had to deal with...I hurt for him. The lesson for me was...if you want to lead it is NOT just about those upfront...on stage moments...the majority of leadership is behind the scenes and it is tough!

I left that summer with stomach issues...there were concerts where I could barely stand while we sang and danced...I learned that in leadership, you can't keep everything inside or it will kill you...literally kill you!

I thank God for Vin...because through all of the conflict he NEVER QUIT! In fact...he is still a worship pastor now...he didn't allow the negative issues to destroy him...he is continuing to fight the good fight and he didn't give in to the pressure.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Reflections

Great service yesterday...we are continuing our series in the book of James...it has been convicting...life changing...sooooooooooooo practical!!!! This message was on $$...James speaks to the wealthy at the beginning of chapter 5...harsh words. AND HERE IS THE THING...if we have a house over our head we have more than 80% of the people in the world! 80%! YET WE VIEW OURSELVES AS HAVING LITTLE! While we decide what clothes to wear...which outfit...which t-shirt to put on...there are kids in our world who are DIEING OF HUNGER!

So we talked about $$...we talked about HOARDERS...people who have much...have saved much, but are SO STINKIN' SELFISH! They aren't willing to share what they have been blessed with...The other group is CONSUMERS...they spend...spend...spend...run up credit card after credit card...they get loans for everything...their couch...their grill...EVERYTHING...they spend more than they make! They can't give money to God, but they sure can spend it on other things!!

We closed by talking about taking an exit off the path to financial ruin and sin...we talked about taking the exit that is for FINANCIAL FREEDOM...the road will be bumping...LOTS of potholes...it won't be easy...BUT the process of becoming financially free will be rewarding...it will be worth it.

WHY...why should we do this? So the church can get more money? So you can be out of debt? Those should NOT be your main motivation...our motivation should be that GOD wants us to be financially free...AND we should want to do that for him! Because we are his kids...

2Cor. 9: 7...Give from your heart...give what GOD has laid on your heart. That means when we give to God it isn't an after-thought...it is planned...AND it is becasue we love him!

As I said yesterday...I'm not a financial advisor...this is what I know though...we have several steps we can take to get us going on the right path

1. Confess...repent of our sin...our sin of poor spending or of hoarding...
2. Pray for self-control!
3. START GSL! (Give money to God...Save!...LIVE on the rest!)
3. TAKE ACTION...get help!! Jump in the Financial Peace University class we talked about...get in touch with a Christian financial planner...TAKE ACTION...don't keep sliding farther in the pit...GET HELP and START TODAY!

It may take you YEARS to get out of the mess...BUT YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN! No matter how dark your think the path is...you can have financial freedom...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This gives me chills! (And that is a good thing!)

I LOVE being part of the body of Christ! Today I received an email from a lady that I barely know...she is part of our fellowship of churches...She said that she has been praying for Kelsey and me for a long time...praying for our church...and that she had been concerned and praying for me since my heart attack. HOW COOL IS THAT! I love finding out that people are praying for me and the church! It is just soooooooooooooo good to know that we are in this battle TOGETHER...with people ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Remembering VIII: Urbana '90

19,000+ people gathered at the University of Illinios for a missions conference...it was AMAZING...worshiping God with that many people...it was a taste of heaven! I left there knowing that I was going to tour again with Continentals...I knew that God was going to use me for his church. I left there...strangely enough...moved from seeing foreign lands as my mission field and began to see my backyard as my mission field.

I'll never forget the communion service...it was powerful. Moving music...I had decided to get as far from people as possible. (Hard to do with that many 1000's of people!!) So I went near the top of the auditorium. (It was U of I's bball court) I remember the feeling...feeling God's presence...sensing that he had plans for me as long as I was willing to obey. I was excited about the future...I looked forward to seeing what God would do in the years to come!

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Today is Kels' bday...we went out for breakfast yesterday to celebrate and Chloe made her breakfast in bed this morning! Tomorrow we are celebrating with Kels' parents...so she gets 3 parties!! It's like being a kid again!

I am so thankful for Kelsey...the godly woman that she is...the mother that she is...the way she loves me...I'm thankful that she wants to invest her life in our kids as her full time job. Our kids don't know how blessed they are to have her!! Someday they will...

She is soooooo beautiful too...her smile is what "brought me in" 15 years ago and it still is today...struggles...frustrations...life junk just disappears for the moment she smiles...UMMM...love it!

HEY KELS...I love you! I'll be your man 'til we see Jesus!! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Triple Whoo-Hoo!!

Double Whoo-hoo today!! This morning I had about 15 minutes to exercise, so I decided to push a little more than I have PH (post-heartattack...Boucher terminology!!)...I ran a mile in 6:52...it is a new PH record...inching closer and closer to times that I had before. It felt good...real good...got the heart rate up...no pain...rate came down quickly after the run...sounds like there might be more PH records coming soon!!

The 2nd Whoo-hoo! is for a job...I have been looking for a teaching position and yesterday I got a job!! I'll be teaching orchestra and possibly choir at Jackson...a school really close to my house! The schedule needed to end no later than 11:30 (that was my hope!) and it ends RIGHT AT 11:30! VERY COOL! I taught orchestra for a year at LaSalle and it really helps to have my resident violin player living at home. Plus Chloe will be taking violin this year as well...pretty cool!

AND THE BEST OF ALL...Kelsey's birthday is tomorrow and I got to take her out to breakfast! It was soooooooo good for the 2 of us to hang out together...went down to Hilltop in Lakeville...a definite "down home" place...family atmosphere...very good to be out!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside the still waters, he restores my soul. He guides me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake." (Psalm 23)

This passage has taken on new meaning to me over the past 5 months. Just as any good father would...he MAKES ME lie down in green pastures...he makes me rest...he demands it! I am grateful for God slowing me down...

I have been feeling really well...exercise has been good...Been consistent with my eating...I feel less and less like I've had a heart attack. The main reminder is fatigue in my muscles from my meds...my legs just don't "have it" sometimes...BUT I am learning to be ok with listening to my body and not pushing it as hard on those days.

Learning a lot about my pockets of energy that I have each day...figuring out how to pace my days differently and put time gaps in my schedule...I like to RUN HARD through the day...but there is a time for slowing down...reading...solitude that is vitally important as well. Still working on being ok with that...I like to JUMP from task to task...keep pushing...driving forward...but that is not what is best...

Making changes in my schedule as well...I will not be teaching at Grace College this fall and I will not be teaching the after school classes that I taught last year until my heart attack. As of now, that will mean that we'll make less $, but it is worth it from a schedule standpoint. We'll see...God works those things out!

The key is that I am gaining back my passion for life...God...people...I feel it growing in me...I long for that...I don't want to just go through life...I long to be in the middle of what God wants from me...in the middle of what he is doing around me...I long to impact as many people as possible along the way!

Remember VII: STINK...I knew better!!

Have you ever had moments like that? Moments in your life that you would LOVE to forget! Moments you wish you could take back? Sometimes they aren't even BIG sins, but their is damage to your testimony and make you look hypocritical!

I came off of Continentals and headed straight for high school the next morning! About 12 hours before I was in LAX airport in Cali...12 hours later I was starting my senior year of High School! It was crazy...I will never forget one simple but PROFOUND moment in those first few days back when I had an apostle Peter moment...The whole summer I had spent singing "Hold up the Light" "Carry the Light"..."God I will do anything for you...I'll never deny you!" And then Steve and I were walking out to band rehearsal...instead of being Jesus to him...instead of keeping my testimony...I cussed and said things that I knew wouldn't honor God...Why? CAUSE I'M A STINKIN' SINNER!! The conviction that came over me as I damaged my testimony with him was heavy...I learned that day that life would be a struggle...that living with integrity...living LIKE Christ was a daily...hourly...every minute decision...I had to choose to do right by God whether it felt good or not...when I was on stage or in the background...If I was to be ALL IN for Jesus...I had to consistently live for him...Still learning those lesson today!! And quite thankful that God is faithful to forgive!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Remember VI: "Hold up the Light!"

20 years ago RIGHT NOW I was traveling the U.S. and Canada on a tour bus with 35+ other 16-30 year olds sharing Jesus with people through song! 18,000 miles in one summer!! Over 30 states! It was a life changing...literally changed the course of my life and I was 17 years old and just finished my junior year of high school!

Continental Singers...at the time they had over 35 teams around the world all singing a 2 hour concert with the theme "Hold up the Light!" Imagine having to sing the same songs for 90 concerts in a summer...the words dug deep into all of our hearts. Vin Tomei was my director that year and his example of Godly leadership impacts my life to this day...his passion for God...ministry...his wife...excellence in life and music profoundly impacted me.

The biggest change that summer was a move from what I wanted to what God wanted...I wanted basketball back...I wanted soccer...I wanted a girlfriend! BUT God wanted me...and that summer he got me. I wrote a prayer note to God that summer and put it in my wallet...I carried it with me for YEARS...until it wore out..."Here I am...send and use me."

I came out of that summer with amazing friendships...a fresh love for God...a passionate love for Jesus. I came back to Manchester High School a different person...changed forever

Monday Reflections

I had the opportunity to teach Kidzone yesterday...A few thoughts...

-I LOVE teaching my kids!
-Chloe is a strong leader...I asked for someone to read the Bible she grabbed her Bible and read. I asked for people to pray and her hand was up first! Very cool!
-Jaden SINGS HIS HEART OUT! I have heard him in the auditorium singing before...he LOVES to praise God through music...he doesn't seem to care if the people around him are doing it or not...good leadership by example!
-The curriculum we use is DYNAMITE! GREAT STUFF!!
-Pastor Jon from our Goshen campus puts things together...but I just CAN'T do a "canned" lesson...I had to rewrite part of it...make it mine...
-Pastor Jon makes it EASY for our leaders...he give them the lesson...and more than that...he goes through all the ideas in the lesson...rewrites it with the best activities and then gives it out...he puts together the songs and other media...he puts A LOT of effort and time into this and it shows...it has really helped our ministry leaders! THANKS RAUCH! (Alright...enough good stuff about Jon...anyone who is a Philly fan doesn't deserve this much blog time!!)
-The kids are sooooooooooooooo fun! I love that their parent allow us to teach them!
-The age range is a challenge...we had about 20 kids in there and the age range was K-5th grade...
-I LOVE TO TEACH! Love to motivate...to try to keep kids attention...to find creative ways to get info to the kids so that it won't just be head knowledge, but IMPACT THEIR LIVES! VERY COOL!!!!
-When the message is long...Kidzone is long! I had plenty of material...but the service was 1 1/2 hours long...in Goshen they start in small groups...go to large group...back to small group...breaks up the time...here we are 1 group...we do small group things, but don't have the volunteers yet to break up into smaller groups...its a challenge! The kids do well...but it will make me more sensitive when I speak to what the kids workers are doing!

The adults had a great morning...we announced our 2 outreaches for August...and it is going to be good! Looking forward to it! Teacher Blitz! And a Back to School Bonanza! Very cool to impact teachers...more on that another time!!

Family Reunion

Went to a family reunion on Saturday down in Indy...It was fun to meet A LOT of Kelsey's relatives...we had a corn hole tourney...lost in the final to Kels' Uncle Paul and cousin Jerry...MAN! Ed and I almost got beat in the semi's by Kels' dad and Uncle Terry...we were losing 15-7 and came back to win 22-16! Games like that are good for the heart...gets the blood flowing!! I don't think we EVER would have heard the end of it had we lost that one...It was fun to watch the kids too...Aunt Janet has an OLD cabin on her property...really cool...Chloe played in there for HOURS!! Jaden and Luke NEVER STOP...constantly riding bikes...playing ball...100 mph all the time! I love watching my kids play! I'm also proud of the way they talk to adults...even Luke at 4 talks really well with adults (most of the time!!)...cool to see! Fun times!