Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scheduling for success!

Today was my first day back to being bi vocational...Had teaching meetings all work all afternoon...and the FINAL Grillin' & Prayin' tonight! FULL DAY!!

On of my goals for the week was to plan out the fall...actually the whole school year...and to make sure that I am putting time in for the following priorities:

1. God Time
2. Kelsey Time
3. Kid Time
4. Personal Time: Spiritual/emotional/hobby/physical
5. Influencing people through work and life time

I have wrestled with how I can do each of these the best...In the past I have focused on had often neglected my personal health and refueling...I had set my schedule according to what I thought people would want from do the best possible job I could at Church, school and home...

BUT...something is missing there! If I don't take good care of the temple God gave me...TROUBLE!! I won't really do the other things well when I just push and push and this year (being school year)...I have set out to prioritize my life better. To be healthier inside and out and therefore more productive in influencing my family and other people closer to God.

My goal is to be THRIVING at the end of December and the beginning of June not just surviving. Last year...I looked like death in December after teaching and pastoring...Kelsey said at the time that it was the worst she has ever seen me...My goal is to be thriving in the 5 areas above...I think I put together a decent plan for the fall...taking some days off from school and church to make it happen...building in time for vision/prayer/reflection...building in time to take Kels on dates (we aren't very good at making that time!!)...invest in my kids...planning time off...time to exercise...

NEXT...I will put in the schedule for church and school activities...and strategically plan how we can BEST influence our community for Jesus...175,000 people within 5 miles of our church building!! THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE!

I'm flexible with my schedule, but I know that if I don't strategically make a plan...then next March I'll be back in the hospital...but this time...if I go to the hospital it won't be because I didn't do my best to take care of the temple God gave'll be because God allowed something to happen to me...So here we go...let the adventure begin...

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