Friday, August 6, 2010

Remembering VIII: Urbana '90

19,000+ people gathered at the University of Illinios for a missions was AMAZING...worshiping God with that many was a taste of heaven! I left there knowing that I was going to tour again with Continentals...I knew that God was going to use me for his church. I left there...strangely enough...moved from seeing foreign lands as my mission field and began to see my backyard as my mission field.

I'll never forget the communion was powerful. Moving music...I had decided to get as far from people as possible. (Hard to do with that many 1000's of people!!) So I went near the top of the auditorium. (It was U of I's bball court) I remember the feeling...feeling God's presence...sensing that he had plans for me as long as I was willing to obey. I was excited about the future...I looked forward to seeing what God would do in the years to come!

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