Monday, August 16, 2010

Take your son to work day!

With only a week to go it was time! This morning Jaden came to hang out with me at the office...before we left he went with me for my morning jog...he rode part on his bike and ran the going with won't be long before he is out running me distance-wise...the kid just doesn't get tired!

One Mondays I like to start my week away from the Jaden and I went and prayerwalked at the River...we found one of my 2 favorite spots...a floating dock...and prayed...How cool to hear him pray for his upcoming school year. I love the growth that I see in Jaden...I'm so proud of him. 2nd grade!!

Now I've been working in the office while he skateboards in the auditorium and is watching Star Wars II...(I guess that is working for him!!)

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