Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Remember VII: STINK...I knew better!!

Have you ever had moments like that? Moments in your life that you would LOVE to forget! Moments you wish you could take back? Sometimes they aren't even BIG sins, but their is damage to your testimony and make you look hypocritical!

I came off of Continentals and headed straight for high school the next morning! About 12 hours before I was in LAX airport in Cali...12 hours later I was starting my senior year of High School! It was crazy...I will never forget one simple but PROFOUND moment in those first few days back when I had an apostle Peter moment...The whole summer I had spent singing "Hold up the Light" "Carry the Light"..."God I will do anything for you...I'll never deny you!" And then Steve and I were walking out to band rehearsal...instead of being Jesus to him...instead of keeping my testimony...I cussed and said things that I knew wouldn't honor God...Why? CAUSE I'M A STINKIN' SINNER!! The conviction that came over me as I damaged my testimony with him was heavy...I learned that day that life would be a struggle...that living with integrity...living LIKE Christ was a daily...hourly...every minute decision...I had to choose to do right by God whether it felt good or not...when I was on stage or in the background...If I was to be ALL IN for Jesus...I had to consistently live for him...Still learning those lesson today!! And quite thankful that God is faithful to forgive!!

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