Friday, August 13, 2010

YES! I like this idea!!!!

The state of Indiana is having a contest...quit smoking and get prizes! THAT IS GREAT! People all around us are LITERALLY KILLING THEMSELVES by smoking...they are cheapening their lives...whether it be by not living as long or not living as well...they are hurting themselves. AND it doesn't stop there...they are hurting others, our environment AND their budgets! Indiana has the 6th HIGHEST smoking rate in the country!
I long for people to overcome this addiction and say WAY TO GO INDIANA for putting this together. I PRAY...PLEAD with God to give people the boldness...the strength...the self-control to overcome this...WHY? Because GOD longs for our bodies to be clean before him...he longs for us to be at our personal I ask him to help people that struggle with this to OVERCOME! JUMP ON BOARD AND QUIT! Your YOU...and need you AT YOUR PERSONAL BEST...START TODAY!

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