Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Reflections

I had the opportunity to teach Kidzone yesterday...A few thoughts...

-I LOVE teaching my kids!
-Chloe is a strong leader...I asked for someone to read the Bible she grabbed her Bible and read. I asked for people to pray and her hand was up first! Very cool!
-Jaden SINGS HIS HEART OUT! I have heard him in the auditorium singing before...he LOVES to praise God through music...he doesn't seem to care if the people around him are doing it or not...good leadership by example!
-The curriculum we use is DYNAMITE! GREAT STUFF!!
-Pastor Jon from our Goshen campus puts things together...but I just CAN'T do a "canned" lesson...I had to rewrite part of it...make it mine...
-Pastor Jon makes it EASY for our leaders...he give them the lesson...and more than that...he goes through all the ideas in the lesson...rewrites it with the best activities and then gives it out...he puts together the songs and other media...he puts A LOT of effort and time into this and it has really helped our ministry leaders! THANKS RAUCH! (Alright...enough good stuff about Jon...anyone who is a Philly fan doesn't deserve this much blog time!!)
-The kids are sooooooooooooooo fun! I love that their parent allow us to teach them!
-The age range is a challenge...we had about 20 kids in there and the age range was K-5th grade...
-I LOVE TO TEACH! Love to try to keep kids find creative ways to get info to the kids so that it won't just be head knowledge, but IMPACT THEIR LIVES! VERY COOL!!!!
-When the message is long...Kidzone is long! I had plenty of material...but the service was 1 1/2 hours Goshen they start in small groups...go to large group...back to small group...breaks up the we are 1 group...we do small group things, but don't have the volunteers yet to break up into smaller groups...its a challenge! The kids do well...but it will make me more sensitive when I speak to what the kids workers are doing!

The adults had a great morning...we announced our 2 outreaches for August...and it is going to be good! Looking forward to it! Teacher Blitz! And a Back to School Bonanza! Very cool to impact teachers...more on that another time!!

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