Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Today is Kels' bday...we went out for breakfast yesterday to celebrate and Chloe made her breakfast in bed this morning! Tomorrow we are celebrating with Kels' she gets 3 parties!! It's like being a kid again!

I am so thankful for Kelsey...the godly woman that she is...the mother that she is...the way she loves me...I'm thankful that she wants to invest her life in our kids as her full time job. Our kids don't know how blessed they are to have her!! Someday they will...

She is soooooo beautiful too...her smile is what "brought me in" 15 years ago and it still is junk just disappears for the moment she it!

HEY KELS...I love you! I'll be your man 'til we see Jesus!! Happy Birthday!!

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