Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Reflections

GREAT service yesterday...people left with tears in their eyes as we closed our series on the Book of James with prayer. Jim's message was POWERFUL...he spoke deeply into our hearts...GREAT CHALLENGE!

The biggest point he made that jumped out to me was when he spoke on how we live our lives through the week will affect our prayers. If I'm living for Jesus...confession and fleeing sin...if I'm giving him my life...then when I pray for someone it affect my prayers to God.

I played drums yesterday morning and just had to call our people out as they worshipped. Imagine this...what would happen if we had to worship God for the first 1000 years we are in heaven IN THE EXACT SAME WAY WE WORSHIP HIM NOW?! Some people would be pretty stinkin' scary lookin' for that time!! We SCREAM at the TV for our sports teams...we cheer our kids on at their events...YET we struggle to even give God a smile! COME ON CHURCH! GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR SAVIOR!!

Luke and I had a great time Saturday hanging out with Jim and his family and other leaders from our Goshen Campus...Tim Welling and I won the Corn Hole Tourney!! Luke got to ride a 4-wheeler and even drove my car! (Only on the grass area of course!) My little green car now has about 25 dents from all of the water balloons that hit it as we left!! (Oh...easy to cover that with Pastor Jim's Professional Expense...might even get a new car out of the deal!! ;0)

One more week until school starts...continuing to wait for the official word from South Bend Schools on my hiring...I like to have something signed...make it official!!

Kels has been VERY sick with this pregnancy...most difficult one yet...Looking forward to the 1st trimester being over!! 4 kids...WOW!! We have been talking about how we will rearrange our rooms...wonder if the baby is a boy or girl?!?!?!?!??!

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Lucy said...

I think your "suggestion' to get excited about our Lord worked for me!! Since I was baptized Pentecostal, and blessed with the Holy spirit it is easy-ish for me to speak in tongues, and i was totally feeling it Sunday!! Your last prayer was awesome!!! I love it when you call to people to pray for EACHOTHER and stand up or be recognized in some way, it was amazing!!