Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Chloe, Jaden and I all had our first day of school today! Chloe's bus never came, so she ended up being late...I was watching her walk to the bus stop this morning and thinking back to when she used to go to soccer practices with me at LaSalle...the girl's team I coached would play with her and she would get to ride the "gator." She wasn't even in school! Now she is going to LaSalle...I'm so proud of her...she has Mrs. Lotridge and Mr. Marosz...AMAZING TEACHERS! Just INCREDIBLE! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for her!

Jaden is ready to go...looking proud and excited for his first will be the first time he rides the bus without "big sis" around...Kels said he looked like he owned the bus when we walked on that boy!!

My first day went was good to be back in the classroom again. I love the first day of school...setting have big dreams...I have several students that I know...Emma from church is one...she is an OUTSTANDING student...reminds me A LOT of the same class is Caleb...son of a good friend of mine...I promised not to hold it against him because of who his father is...27 beginning orchestra students in that class...Whoo-hoo!

Hardest thing about the morning was telling 2 students that they would not have orchestra this year, because they had to cancel the class...there weren't enough students signed up. It broke my heart! The one boy was in saddened my heart...

Best thing about the day is seeing the look of anticipation on the kid's faces...they have dreams for the year...they are EXCITED to see their friends...

My expectations for my class are simple...

Be Courteous
Be Respectful
Be a Listener

That's it! As I told each of my classes today...IMAGINE what our city would be like if we did these 3 things...not just in school...but to EVERYONE...EVERYWHERE...That is a place I'd like to live!

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