Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

Where do I start in talking about 2011? LOTS to "unwrap" here...LOTS happened...
I started this blog a few days ago...decided I just didn't like it! I saved it for myself for another time. Frankly this year has really hurt...I have felt lost...awkward...confused...just strange for a a great deal of the 2nd half of this year. The year started with a dream...a challenge...renewed vision and direction for me and our church...anyone who has read this blog or lived this with me...knows where that journey led...(if you're new to the blog...just head back to May and June and start reading!)
God's faithfulness though is what has been my focus over the past week as I thought about how to finish off the year...I have thought about this BEAUTIFUL, funny, adorable, cute, snuggly, little girl that was a true gift from God this year. She has been sunshine in the midst of a storm...a true miracle and treasure from God. SOOOOOO grateful for her and that God blessed us with Sadie Lynn Boucher THIS YEAR...that wasn't an accident!
I'm also quite grateful that the very week that the decision was made to close our church (and put me out of a job) that our school system offered me a full time position. WHO GETS THAT?!?!?! God was soooo good to give us $ and insurance while many struggle to find a job. AND to have a job that I enjoy...I'm grateful.
OBVIOUSLY there are other blessings...Sadie isn't the only amazing family member that I have!! But those 2 things are my 2 biggest highlights from the year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Little Puppy

Alright...for those of you who love pets beware! If you don't like pets...SOFTEN UP!

Today was a sad day over here...after 12 1/2 years, we had our little puppy Zeke put to sleep...I know...12 is old for a puppy, but he was a he was forever a puppy! That little dog brought a lot of joy to our family...he was my leg warmer while watching playing buddy...he was sooo stinkin' stubborn! He just did things his way...I'll even miss yelling at him for his little whimpering when he was gated!! (That used to make me sooooo mad though!)

I still remember like it was yesterday...the first time we brought him home and I played with him in the kitchen...FUN!

The bottom line...for us...he was part of the family. Just part of who we are...A LOT of tears were shed today...lots...I already miss the little guy...his night time licks...even right now...if he were here he would be looking at me with his little Zeke look...head tilted a if to say..."WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING UP...get to bed!" I think people really miss out when they don't have pets...I know that loss is hard...that life has enough trouble without pets making it harder...but the fun and joy is sooooo worth it!

Here is what is on my mind though...enjoy the moments...sure with pets, but more than that... With the people in your life. Don't have regrets...say you're sorry while you still can...forgive that person while you still after that dream while there is still life in you...use your life...your remaining days to influence people in positive ways...AND DON'T STOP OR LOSE HOPE...appreciate what you have while you have it!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A MRI...A Picture...Today

I had a MRI today on my right's been bad for over 20 years...hurt it back in High School. Kels made me an appointment with a knee doc a couple of weeks ago...guess she was tired of watching me struggle to get up and stuff...( it bad when the doctor walks in and says..."oh...from the looks of your x-ray I would have thought you were 20-30 years older!" Nice!! Guess my knees really are 60-70 yrs. old!!) I had a MRI...they put you on this uncomfortable table...tell you to not move anything...AND they keep the room freezing cold...THEN the machine turns on...and it is STINKIN' loud!!

SO...during the time I was in there...I prayed...for 30 straight minutes...with loud banging of the machine...I prayed...prayed for A LOT of It was just sooooo good to come before God and put some people in front of him.

Then...there was physical therapy today...while I was in there the therapist had a picture on the said: "Attitude...a little thing that makes a BIG difference." The picture was of 1 drop of water falling onto a completely still body of water...then you see the ripple was really a powerful pic for me...1 drop of water created a GREAT DEAL of ripples...our attitude will dictate whether those are positive or negative ripples...

Which brings me to today...what are we going to do today? How long will we allow the circumstances of our past dictate how we live TODAY? When will we step up and say...I am a child of the LIVING God...saved through the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ...I am created to do great things for God!

LIVE. Live today. With whatever circumstances you are in...THRIVE. Make the most of what God has placed in front of you. Don't be so consumed with yesterday or tomorrow that you miss your chances today!