Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Reflections...Tech fast!

What a fun Christmas! I sure enjoyed family...our services...and more family! Our service yesterday was AMAZING...deep...powerful...challenging end to our We Are message series...VERY POWERFUL to see families coming up and writing their names on a scroll that read I will "FIGHT FOR MY FAMILY" Awesome!

I'm off this week...been a long time since I had some time off and looking forward to hanging with the family...I'm also am going to have a tech fast this cell phone...I get attached to that stuff and it is all very helpful, BUT this week is a refueling and family week...there is plenty to do when I get re-plugged in next week and we charge forward with the building and the New Year.

So...I'm off for now...Happy New Year and see you next week!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Today has been fun! Hanging out with the parents and Aunt Judy are here. VERY FUN DAY! The kids LOVED their gifts and were really grateful this year...that sure makes it fun. I really enjoy having everything at our house now...I remember having my grandparents come over and now my kids get to do that...pretty cool! Building memories...

My dad got "The Karate Kid" movies for Christmas...we're about to watch the first one...I was 11 years old when that came out...NOW I HAVE A 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!! Looking forward to educating Chloe and Jaden on "Wax on-wax off!" GO DANIELSON GO! Let's see if you can still win after 25 years!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa took the kids tonight...all Kels and I went out to dinner and then went to see "Blind Side." (GREAT movie...a must see!!) It was so good to hang out with Kels...I LOVE her so much AND I LOVE spending time with her...13 years of marriage and I still just LOVE being "out" with her!! When we got home I went up stairs to change and walked by the kids rooms...their empty rooms...suddenly I flashed-forward to a day when we are empty nesters...when those rooms will be empty until they come home to heart sank a little...I don't want to wish away my kid's childhood AND I want to seize the moments that I have with them...enjoy them. I love those 3...and I long to enjoy every grab the teachable moments...and to make A LOT of memories, so that someday...when we send them off...that I won't have regrets...that I will know that we POURED our lives into them...gave them our best! Enjoying tonight...looking forward to seeing them tomorrow!

Empowering Families

At Grace we LOVE to empower come along side of families and support them and share Jesus with them. Our last outreach is a favorite of mine...we have given out 300 toys to kids in the community...BUT instead of giving them to the children, we gave them to their parents and provided the wrapping paper for the parents too. WHY? Because then MOM AND DAD are the HEROES and not us! We don't get to see the kid's smiles, but it is so worth it to make mom and dad the hero...I don't care if they EVER tell their kids that the gifts were from us! Making mom and dad the hero...I like that!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Breath of Fresh Air

Took a prayer walk this morning...had breakfast with a good friend and then took a long prayerwalk by the river...taking in the one point there was even a bird was so good to come to God and just stop and listen. I even found a new spot at the East Race! Another spot...just for me!

As I watched the current flow...I prayed...thanked God for picking me to be his kid...that he gave me an amazing family...a church family that I passionately love...for putting me in a community that I care deeply was good to stand in silence and just have my heart just long for was good...ended the time throwing snowballs into the river...even "skipped" one like skipping way to start the week...good to be in nature...GREAT to be with my Savior


The State of Indiana just gave us a Christmas present...we have our approval to move forward with our building project! We have been waiting...waiting and NOW WE GO! "Thanks God!"

Monday Reflections

I'm not sure how to put it all in words...yesterday was not my best was prep was on...I had CRIED OUT TO GOD for direction...pleaded with him to work...put in the time needed to prep the message, BUT my delivery was weak...just felt wasn't even as good a when I went through it on Friday and Saturday...I was near tears after the service...I always want to bring my best, but it just wasn't there...

BUT...something happened in that service anyway...a man came up to me after the service with giddy excitement as he shared that his step-daughter gave her life to Jesus during the message...another woman came up to me asking for prayer for freedom from bitterness and anger...Then, I get to the office today and have AN AMAZING conversation with 2 new visitors to our church who were encouraging their families to come to our church because the service was GREAT and the atmosphere of the people touched them! CRAZY STUFF...that's not how I felt, but then again my feelings aren't what matters!! This church isn't belongs to he will use whatever our best offering is on that day...especially when we have given our best in that moment...

Here is the deal of what I am learned again today...when we pray...when we seek the heart of God...when we beg him to move...that grabs God's attention and he moves inspite of how we "perform." Thanks God for moving inspite of me...Thanks for answering my prayers...good to know that HE runs HIS church.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas 2009

Looking forward to the morning...praying hard...preparing like crazy...trusting that God will respond...begging God to move!

Having our Chirstmas Eve service at our Goshen Campus...always a fun night!

Looking forward to Christmas Day and, dad and Aunt Judy will be here for Christmas...then my bro and family will be coming over the weekend...Kelsey's parents and my family will be having a big dinner on will be fun to have everyone over here!

ALSO looking forward to the week after Christmas...1 week of vacation...should be a refreshing time!


Friday, December 18, 2009


THAT is the message this Sunday...Christmas Sunday...LEGACY...ummmmmm...I'm getting more stirred up every minute that passes...In 48 hours I will be in the middle of the message...still pleading with God in my head that MANY will give their lives to Jesus as the service closes...lives changed for ETERNITY...what a responsibility...what a priviledge...what a joy...the opportunity to share Jesus...PRAYING HARD for THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS to come to Jesus around the world this's going to be good...Jesus wins...the enemy loses...I'm in!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have been praying a lot this week that God would raise my leadership #...Pastor Jim asks us in our personal evaluations for our leadership #...scale of 1-10...where are we? How are we using the talents and abilities God has given us?

I long to get the most out of my life...but to get there means there are serious times of refinement. This season of life is one of those for me...And everyday...sometimes every hour...I have a choice...will I make the most of it? Will I accept the challenges in front of me? Will I learn from my experiences or run from them?

Whether I am in my brightest or darkest hour...I LONG to be known as a person who persevers and learns...grows...EVEN GETS STRONGER through trial...anyone can be STRONG in the bright times...God make me a sponge in the dark times...soaking up what you are teaching me...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Multisite Church Road Trip

I had the opportunity to read "The Multisite Church Road Trip" by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird. For the rest of the week I'm going to hit some of the key point that stood out to me. TODAY THOUGH...I had the opportunity to review this book and ask the guys a question...

As you have connected with multi-site campuses around the world, what are the key factors/characteristics that churches have which keep momentum “hot?”

The vision that keeps multi-site going is not a vision to have multi-sites. That's like Heinz trying to keep the loyalty of ketchup lovers by emphasizing the shape of the bottle. There may be novelty with a new design, but it quickly loses steam.
Every multi-site leader we've interviewed across the U.S. and beyond is motivated by reaching lost people, and using multi-site as a tool to do so. Or by saving lots of money on buildings that can be redirected to helping people in need. Or by taking the church to where responsive people are. On all of these, multi-site is merely the container. The excitement and momentum is in the product, which for us is the life-changing good news about Jesus Christ.

AND I SAY...YES, YES, AND YES...this is what I love about the multisite "movement." The leading church leaders get it! It's not about their model, BUT using this model to reach more people for Jesus!!

If you are interested in more conversation about this check out the author's blog or contact them via Twitter: @geoffsurratt, @gregligon or @warrenbird. To order Multi-Site Church Roadtrip, click here, and to order Multi-Site Church Revolution (AMAZING BOOK...shaped what we do!!), click here

More in the next few days!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Reflections

Phrases that jumped out at me from Pastor Jim's message:
-"Sin breeds sin."
-"We are flawed"
-People in the Bible were SCREWED UP, BUT they didn't stay there!
-You have to let the pain in your life surface or it will never get dealt with
-God sees us for who we are TODAY, not who we used to be (PRAISE GOD!!!!)
-What will your tribe produce?

That last one has been something I have been thinking about for weeks...what is the legacy that I will leave behind? The way that I live...the way that I lead my family and the church impacts the future...How will people view my family line 50 or 150 years from now...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well done!

WOW...AMAZING...BETTER THAN MY EXPECTATIONS! That is how I would explain today's blitz. Everybody did a fantastic job in making this happen...It is so enjoyable to watch people using their gifts and abilities to make it happen...the room had an amazing atmosphere...greeters were friendly...tons of people...great connections...times to pray with people...wrapping paper roll fights (after everyone left of course!)...laughter...tears...gratefulness...JESUS was honored today!

My favorite story is a selfish one! At one point Chloe came over to me (she served today for 7 HOURS!!!!) and said to come with her...I went and she had been talking with a lady while they were wrapping paper and invited her to come...AND Chloe told her that we might be able to pick her up! That is why she came to get me...We talked and Chloe took down her name and phone number. I was in awe! I was proud!! My little girl is growing up and bringing connecting people to Jesus and HIS church. THAT is cool...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Toy Blitz & Building Projects

WHOO-HOO!! I LOVE TOMORROW...It's not even here yet and I CANNOT WAIT...WE are going to be a two-headed monster tomorrow. #1 is our Christmas Toy Blitz...we were given 250 toys from a biker club in Sturgis, MI...they are $10-15 toys and we will have a chance to bless over 100 kids with toys. We have contacted families that we have been touched before through our food vouchers and other blitzes (outreaches) that we have done. This is one of the few "come to us" outreaches that we do...the ladies did an AMAZING job decorating our office building for Christmas...looks like a store-front!! (HEY...I cleaned out my office...THAT is a HUGE task!!) Cookies have been (and are being) organized...trees put up...THE OFFICE LOOKS GREAT AND I LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE!!

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE I LOVE?!?! #2 We have this building that we are working on and several from our campus and our Goshen campus will be working on the building. I LOVE THAT WE ARE DOING BOTH THINGS ON THE SAME DAY! Why?!?!? Thanks for asking!! I was asked that question on why we would do an outreach (actually 2 outreaches in the past month!) in the middle of this building project...THAT was easy for me! I DO NOT...under ANY circumstance EVER want to stop looking out...EVER! WE CANNOT STOP touching lives...Jesus didn't and neither will we! I will fight for that...

SO LADIES...THANKS for getting this outreach going...for the impact we all get to make from your work! AND THANKS to the gang at the building who will be working as well...your impact is HUGE and MANY will come to know Jesus in the very building you are working on! CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!

"Stop Blowing"

Kelsey and I read a Bible story to our kids every night...they call it doing the "Bible Book." I love this time with the kids...the book is falling apart...we've been through it several times. There is one story that Luke just loves. Jesus and the disciples are on the boat...Jesus, who POURS his life out, is asleep...sound asleep..."The wind is blowing, the storm is crashing, the wind is rocking the boat. Jesus said..." When we get to that point, Luke just SHOUTS OUT: "STOP BLOWING!"

It is so cool...the passion he says it with...he is learning that God, the almighty powerful awesome God can stop a storm. THINK FOR A SECOND that he can't handle your concerns...he can...he cry out to out to him...DO IT!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Jimmy Brown...I'm calling you out!!

I have never confronted anyone before via my blog...BUT today is the day!! Many know Jim Brown as a strong leader...AMAZING who DEEPLY cares about people...But I have to say...there is a VERY IMPORTANT area of his life, where he just doesn't get it! One where he needs some "serious" confrontation...Just follow his blog and listen to his'll it! He doesn't get it! Jim HATES the idea of having pets...He can't stand the thought of it!! He is depriving his family! Honestly, I thought of giving him a little puppy for Christmas...coming to the Christmas party with a special family gift for the Browns'...Only I wonder what might happen to that cute little furry animal!

HEY JIMMY...the time is now to come to grips with your finally give in to what you know to be the RIGHT THING...And hey...

"You'll be glad you did!!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Post #500

This is my 500th post...I've been doing this for 1 year and about 10 months...It has been fun to do it...been quite a journey...highs and lows...victories and defeats...cold days and HOT ones...

Check out this quote from my first post back in February '08...

"Speaking of the journey...I heard a GREAT QUOTE this week...the essence of it was that we have to learn to enjoy the journey of our lives...there will be many twists and turns...many victories and failures, BUT we must learn to enjoy the steps of our journey...I hope that this blog will leave a trail of just that...nuggets of enjoying the journey..."

And what a journery it has been...

So, what now...what would I say to launch into the next 500 posts...Bottom line..."God, renew your fame in our day...give us fresh stories...YOUR STORIES...stories that could have only happned when YOU are driving them...Renew your fame...Make it clear to our this our the world...that YOU are THE Famous One."

Monday, December 7, 2009

The direction of my life changed...December 7, 1989

20 years ago today...I was 16 years old...a junior in High School...BIG dreams...I had met with Grace College's soccer coach and was planning to go there to play keeper for them...I was starting for the varsity basketball team...dreaming of playing hoops at Grace possibly...


I went crashing to the court 20 years ago today with a knee injury...I can remember laying at the foul-line grabbing my knee thinking "my season is over..." Little did I know at that time that I was DONE playing...

Basketball was my spare thought time...I just LOVED the game...I played 3-5 hours of ball everyday in the summer...went to bball camp...played in the friends' the courts at the school...if there was a game I WANTED TO BE THERE! (Hey...I learned to play on grass and our gravel driveway!!) I would even go outside after a bad game...shovel the snow and work on my shot!

My dream was to play in college and that injury SHATTERED my dream...The doctor told me after my surgery that my growth plate wasn't closed far enough, so they couldn't do reconstructive my ACL would stay severed and it would end my time playing. I was devastated for months. I didn't know what to do with myself...I remember a friend at one point pulling me aside and speaking into my life that I had to quit feeling sorry for myself.

I talked to my dad tonight about what "could have been..." was fun to think doesn't get me down at all...why? Because: I WOULDN'T TRADE THE LAST 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE!

Did you catch what was missing in the story? GOD! God wasn't center in my life...Basketball-Soccer-Stuff was...God didn't rule my heart...I DID! Look how many times I wrote the word "I" so far! A LOT! Tim Boucher was about HIMSELF...what he wanted...what he dreamed about...what he desired...BUT God wanted my heart...he didn't want some of me...he wanted all of me.

I will tell you this...20 years is worth it. December 7, 1989 changed the direction of my life...I'm glad it did.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sometimes "it's" just right in front of you...

Often I am looking for God to move in BIG miraculous things...looking for the Big WOW moments...sometimes though it happens simpler than that...and if I'm not careful, I'll miss the moment. I had 3 of those moments in the past 3 hours...

First was the text..."...Satan is trying to slow us down but God is Great and Great things are coming..." The person writing was talking about our church and the struggles we have had with the building. I got that text and must give a BIG "RIGHT ON!" The text encouraged me...

Second...The kids and I put up our Christmas lights was fun doing it with them (or doing it "around them") They pulled out the lights...stepped on the lights...raced up and down the street...Then we had some hot chocolate and off to bed...after they went to bed I knew I had a few things to finish up for church, but decided that I would finish the lights outside...It was like therapy for me...the cool air...the neighbors lights...was just what I needed...a little break to slow down...Even took a few of those way down deep in the lungs breathes...

Third...I was about to go inside and I looked across the street and what did I see?! It was lightly snowing...I just stopped...took a couple of moments to just let the moment sink in...was it simple? Oh my yes! But if you have ever just had a moment...way down in depths of your heart...not INCREDIBLE, but deeply profound...moving...encouraging...for me tonight it was the snow...the lights...the text...God used them almost like an encouragement card to me..."Hey Tim...just stop sometimes...I'm the the craziness...I'm here...I'm here for you..." He was right there in front of me and it felt good.

Words that stick...

The power of the spoken word...when and how they are shared means A LOT...someone can say something and it can DEEPLY impact someone, yet it wasn't intended too...others say things intentionally to encourage someone...I also believe that the situation can dictate how much power there is to the words...I was remembering back...back over 10 years ago to when my grandma was dieing...I remember...remember CLEARLY her last words to me...I can still see the passion and love in her eyes...I can almost feel her hand touching my arm...she leaned up as much as she could in the bed...stared DEEPLY into my felt like she could see into my soul...and she said these words..."Serve the Lord, Timothy, serve the Lord." WOW...there are tears in my eyes right now thinking about those words...I remember saying "I will grandma...I will." THAT was the last thing she EVER said to me...POWER...ENCOURAGEMENT...CHALLENGE...She went to be with Jesus hours later...

There have been times when those words have haunted me...because I knew I wasn't on track with my Savior...other times when they were the encouragement I needed to take a step of step out when the only known was that God said GO.

I pray...more than that...I PLEAD with God for the opportunity to encourage people with my life like that! That my words would be encouragement...challenge to live for our God. "Thanks God for encouraging words that stick!"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Holy God...

As I was texting a friend today these words popped in my head..."Keep or get your eyes on our Holy's blinding." My point? If we have our eyes on God...fully on him...the his GLORY will blind us...will make us only see him...we will shrug off temptation...we will "stand up under it"...we will cling to his strength in times of intense struggle...we will CELEBRATE like crazy when there is victory in our and other's lives...God is PERFECT...PERFECT...he is sooooooooooo set apart...soooooooo holy...that when Moses saw his BACK he had to cover his face because it glowed! Let's all stop today...let's get our eyes on Jesus...on Father God...he is PERFECT...PERFECT...I can't even imagine perfect! I'll tell you this though...when I get my mind thinking about this...when I turn to how holy and perfect THE God of the Universe is...I'm encouraged...more than that...I get encourage way down in my the very depths of my soul...and it feels good.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm a dummy! 2x's over!

Earlier today I saved a dummy and tonight...I was the dummy that needed saving! NO I didn't have a real heartattack, but it was close! I was on-line...getting our vacation plans done for Christmas Break...I had typed into the hotel search...2 adults and 3 kids...I went through all of the steps and then confirmed it...THEN I went to the final know the one...the one you print off...the one that says the $$ is out of our account! I looked over everything and saw the price...IT WAS 3x's THE AMOUNT OF WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN! BUT I HAD ALREADY CONFIRMED IT...ALREADY PAID FOR IT...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I felt scammed...betrayed...angry...


I read the details...Someone (denial starts now!)...yes SOMEONE typed in 2 adults and 3 ROOMS instead of 2 adults and 3 KIDS! OH MAN! BIG MISTAKE...needless to say I started scrambling for a phone number to call...and you bet...the lady was LAUGHING at me on the other end...LAUGHING! I almost had to perform CPR on myself...BUT...we've got it right now...

2 adults...3 kids...1 room...

I saved a dummy today!

It's true! Today I took a CPR class (so I can get my teaching license back) and saved the same dummy over and over and over again. Although one time I did tilt his head he may not have made it! BUT...I passed...and the dummy gets to live to see another day.

One of my dummy saving classmates and I had several connections...her husband and I played hoops together A LOT several years back...he was a children's pastor and now teaches at LaSalle Academy where I used to teach...pretty cool...the teacher of the class knows a lady in our church really well and would like to come "check out" the church people...dummy's life was saved...I passed...AND we got out VERY early! YES!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Team is VITAL

LOTS of changes are happening at our campus right now...some are AMAZING...some are tough! I have shared these things in the past, but what keeps rising to the surface for me is how important "team" is...the team I'm on with the staff...our team of volunteers...Last night my guest speaker, Jay Bell, talked about the 80-20 rule...that 20% of the people do all the work...So I started writing down families that serve in our church...I didn't exhaust the list and came up with over 1/2 of our people are serving in different ministries. THAT was encouraging...I LOVE TEAM!

One thing I know too is that in January, Jerimae will not be on staff anymore...we have had to cut back our budget...DON'T GET EXCITED YOU GREEDY PASTORS he is still with us, but the role will change. It is tough...but he has put together a TEAM of people to help facilitate worship.