Monday, December 7, 2009

The direction of my life changed...December 7, 1989

20 years ago today...I was 16 years old...a junior in High School...BIG dreams...I had met with Grace College's soccer coach and was planning to go there to play keeper for them...I was starting for the varsity basketball team...dreaming of playing hoops at Grace possibly...


I went crashing to the court 20 years ago today with a knee injury...I can remember laying at the foul-line grabbing my knee thinking "my season is over..." Little did I know at that time that I was DONE playing...

Basketball was my spare thought time...I just LOVED the game...I played 3-5 hours of ball everyday in the summer...went to bball camp...played in the friends' the courts at the school...if there was a game I WANTED TO BE THERE! (Hey...I learned to play on grass and our gravel driveway!!) I would even go outside after a bad game...shovel the snow and work on my shot!

My dream was to play in college and that injury SHATTERED my dream...The doctor told me after my surgery that my growth plate wasn't closed far enough, so they couldn't do reconstructive my ACL would stay severed and it would end my time playing. I was devastated for months. I didn't know what to do with myself...I remember a friend at one point pulling me aside and speaking into my life that I had to quit feeling sorry for myself.

I talked to my dad tonight about what "could have been..." was fun to think doesn't get me down at all...why? Because: I WOULDN'T TRADE THE LAST 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE!

Did you catch what was missing in the story? GOD! God wasn't center in my life...Basketball-Soccer-Stuff was...God didn't rule my heart...I DID! Look how many times I wrote the word "I" so far! A LOT! Tim Boucher was about HIMSELF...what he wanted...what he dreamed about...what he desired...BUT God wanted my heart...he didn't want some of me...he wanted all of me.

I will tell you this...20 years is worth it. December 7, 1989 changed the direction of my life...I'm glad it did.

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