Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well done!

WOW...AMAZING...BETTER THAN MY EXPECTATIONS! That is how I would explain today's blitz. Everybody did a fantastic job in making this happen...It is so enjoyable to watch people using their gifts and abilities to make it happen...the room had an amazing atmosphere...greeters were friendly...tons of people...great connections...times to pray with people...wrapping paper roll fights (after everyone left of course!)...laughter...tears...gratefulness...JESUS was honored today!

My favorite story is a selfish one! At one point Chloe came over to me (she served today for 7 HOURS!!!!) and said to come with her...I went and she had been talking with a lady while they were wrapping paper and invited her to come...AND Chloe told her that we might be able to pick her up! That is why she came to get me...We talked and Chloe took down her name and phone number. I was in awe! I was proud!! My little girl is growing up and bringing connecting people to Jesus and HIS church. THAT is cool...

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