Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Team is VITAL

LOTS of changes are happening at our campus right now...some are AMAZING...some are tough! I have shared these things in the past, but what keeps rising to the surface for me is how important "team" is...the team I'm on with the staff...our team of volunteers...Last night my guest speaker, Jay Bell, talked about the 80-20 rule...that 20% of the people do all the work...So I started writing down families that serve in our church...I didn't exhaust the list and came up with over 1/2 of our people are serving in different ministries. THAT was encouraging...I LOVE TEAM!

One thing I know too is that in January, Jerimae will not be on staff anymore...we have had to cut back our budget...DON'T GET EXCITED YOU GREEDY PASTORS he is still with us, but the role will change. It is tough...but he has put together a TEAM of people to help facilitate worship.


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