Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Reflections

-Thanksgiving was fun...good time with Kelsey's family
-Good to see Kelsey's grandma this past weekend...been a long time
-Started a new series...We Are...talking about family
-Reading a book...Multisite Church Road Trip...good stuff
-Wishing I didn't have a headache again today! Medicine from last week, doesn't seem to be making my eyes better...
-GREAT time with Jerimae today...LOVE THAT GUY!
-Lots of sick people around church yesterday...
-Great time of singing...challenging message...
-FIGHT FOR YOUR's the only one you've got
-Tough challenge for people at the end of the message...being willing to let go...freeing if you're willing to go there...TOUGH to go there
-PRAYING HARD for approval THIS WEEK for our building stuff
-I'm bummed that I'll miss hanging out with the pastor gang again tomorrow...miss those guys!
-Kels took her gma back to Indy yesterday becasue gma didn't feel well...hope she feels better
-Funny how I just had some time off, but hardly spent any of it with Kels...
-Played some serious NBA-LIVE with Jaden and Kels' brothers
-I stink at video games!

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