Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Reflections...

We had a guest speaker yesterday via video...Darin Holsopple, a teacher with Fairfield Schools, gave a message on creation...FANTASTIC JOB! He really stirred in people and his PASSION was obvious. I LOVE seeing people using their gifts and passions...very cool!

Our Sunday was a good one...Marty Myles led our worship with Yoder being out of to see him there...GREAT heart for Jesus and worship. (Any church out there looking for a worship leader...give the guy a call...he's open!) Great heart...the cool thing about our worship time over the past few month has become much more than music...more than just a prep for the message...truly an experience of God and an act of worship to God...Jerimae has done a GREAT job pouring into his team and then them leading us.

I love to see people step up too...we had to fill in some gaps because of people being gone or sick and BAM! people just step up to serve. FUN TO EXPERIENCE!

Building update...still waiting for final approval...wrestling with when to start...well...some of that is out of our hands...without approval from the city we can't go with full-steam-ahead...I would LOVE to start on Christmas Sunday...we'll see!!!! " us your favor with the building dept!!!!"

BTW...I just love being married and being a dad...I love discipling my is HARD sometimes, but I just LOVE it! (Not sure why this popped in my head, but thought I'd share!!)

Until later...

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