Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Reflections

Mondays are hard...busy...lots of switching gears as I go from task to task. Interesting day...

-Services yesterday were very good...God moved!
-It was good to share my heart yesterday morning...
-Sin really is like mold...sometimes it is hidden behind the walls and sometimes it is OBVIOUS to everyone
-God is so unbelievably holy...perfect...the slightest sin would soooooooooooooo noticable compared to him.
-Jerimae is POURING himself into other worship leaders...we had our 4th guy in 4 weeks leading (Jerimae-Colin-Marty-Mike)
-Mike did a GREAT job leading us to God
-I love Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace
-Communion was great last night
-We are BEGGING God for favor from the building department
-We got word today that there is a possibility that they will approve things this Wednesday...PRAY!
-DId I mention PRAY?!
-I wonder who the first to come to Christ will be in the new building!? Cool to think about!
-My class tonight had great discussion
-Mondays are a lot harder after I preach...before I was teaching again...Monday a.m. was a time to I'm "ON" with teaching was an adjustment today
-I love God more today than ever in my life

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