Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I dreamed of this day...

Most of you probably won't get this...many of you will make fun! BUT...I have dreamed of this day not the part where I didn't feel well for most of the day...the part when I was looking outside in the front yard...I just wanted to see what was see if it finally would happen. AND IT is the background...when I grew up there weren't a lot of kids around (I used to think poor people lived in house that were close together! Funny...I LOVE living with houses close together now...and I don't feel too poor...) So, I would play in the backyard and play football...there wasn't another team there, just me...scoring touchdowns...hearing the crowd roar...breaking was fun! (And easy to go undefeated!!) I have dreamed for MANY years of watching my kids someday do the same thing...and it happened today. Jaden was in the front yard playing football...he had no idea that I was watching him from inside the house (SO DON'T TELL HIM! YOU'LL RUIN HIS and MY FUN!). He was scoring touchdowns...passing to himself...breaking tackles...SMILING A LOT...he even put stuff in the yard so he would have to make "moves" get around them...I so enjoyed watching his free-creative spirit out there...made me remember "back in the day." Made me wonder if my parents ever stopped at the window and watched like I did...THANKS JADEN for making me smile today!

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