Saturday, November 14, 2009


I just got off the phone with Mike...a church planter...I just LOVE talking with guys who are starting churches...their faith...their questions...their passion...LOVE IT! This is the 2nd guy I've spent time with in the past week...Pray for Mike at Virginia Beach and Jeremy here in Mishawaka...both guys are starting churches after the first of the year...both guys love Jesus...I CAN'T wait to hear their stories of how God brings things together.

Another thing hit me while talking with Mike today...they are looking into meeting in a theater and he asked me about how many volunteers it takes to get set-up and tear-down done...I realized again what an amazing group of people we have right now...they work SO hard and make things happen so quickly! I'm so proud of our team...I can't wait to get there in the morning and hang out and serve with them!

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