Friday, November 20, 2009

No Distractions Allowed

I usually turn off my phone when I'm at school...there is good reason for that. My students deserve my best and if I hear my phone my mind won't be on them. As I left school today I turned on my phone and had a text from Rusty...our building was broken into last night. They broke the glass window in the door and went in. Praise God nothing was taken...they couldn't get the lights on! (When we left after Prayer Encounter, I had thrown all the circuits...didn't know which was which, so I did them all!)

Here is the thing though...I am not surprised this happend and happened today. I am prepping for my message this Sunday on the last of our "5 Lies of Satan" series...the message title: "At least it's not a BIG sin." I went to bed last night thinking about it...I woke up this morning thinking about it...actually I woke up and the main illustration I'm going to use Sunday came to my is a deeply personal one...SO, I WILL NOT STOOP DOWN to these distractions...will NOT allow Satan and his pepole to have their day...Nehemiah said it best "I'm about a great work and CANNOT COME DOWN!" No distractions...

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