Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Jimmy Brown...I'm calling you out!!

I have never confronted anyone before via my blog...BUT today is the day!! Many know Jim Brown as a strong leader...AMAZING who DEEPLY cares about people...But I have to say...there is a VERY IMPORTANT area of his life, where he just doesn't get it! One where he needs some "serious" confrontation...Just follow his blog and listen to his'll it! He doesn't get it! Jim HATES the idea of having pets...He can't stand the thought of it!! He is depriving his family! Honestly, I thought of giving him a little puppy for Christmas...coming to the Christmas party with a special family gift for the Browns'...Only I wonder what might happen to that cute little furry animal!

HEY JIMMY...the time is now to come to grips with your finally give in to what you know to be the RIGHT THING...And hey...

"You'll be glad you did!!"


Jim Brown said...

Pay backs are so much fun boucher!Sleep lightly bro!

Tim Boucher said...

Hey man...I was reminded by one person that you do have little furry pets...mice!! Oh...forgot to tell you that we are moving...(is it wrong to lie on a blog?!?!)