Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa took the kids tonight...all Kels and I went out to dinner and then went to see "Blind Side." (GREAT movie...a must see!!) It was so good to hang out with Kels...I LOVE her so much AND I LOVE spending time with her...13 years of marriage and I still just LOVE being "out" with her!! When we got home I went up stairs to change and walked by the kids rooms...their empty rooms...suddenly I flashed-forward to a day when we are empty nesters...when those rooms will be empty until they come home to heart sank a little...I don't want to wish away my kid's childhood AND I want to seize the moments that I have with them...enjoy them. I love those 3...and I long to enjoy every grab the teachable moments...and to make A LOT of memories, so that someday...when we send them off...that I won't have regrets...that I will know that we POURED our lives into them...gave them our best! Enjoying tonight...looking forward to seeing them tomorrow!

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