Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Multisite Church Road Trip

I had the opportunity to read "The Multisite Church Road Trip" by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird. For the rest of the week I'm going to hit some of the key point that stood out to me. TODAY THOUGH...I had the opportunity to review this book and ask the guys a question...

As you have connected with multi-site campuses around the world, what are the key factors/characteristics that churches have which keep momentum “hot?”

The vision that keeps multi-site going is not a vision to have multi-sites. That's like Heinz trying to keep the loyalty of ketchup lovers by emphasizing the shape of the bottle. There may be novelty with a new design, but it quickly loses steam.
Every multi-site leader we've interviewed across the U.S. and beyond is motivated by reaching lost people, and using multi-site as a tool to do so. Or by saving lots of money on buildings that can be redirected to helping people in need. Or by taking the church to where responsive people are. On all of these, multi-site is merely the container. The excitement and momentum is in the product, which for us is the life-changing good news about Jesus Christ.

AND I SAY...YES, YES, AND YES...this is what I love about the multisite "movement." The leading church leaders get it! It's not about their model, BUT using this model to reach more people for Jesus!!

If you are interested in more conversation about this check out the author's blog www.multisiteroadtrip.com or contact them via Twitter: @geoffsurratt, @gregligon or @warrenbird. To order Multi-Site Church Roadtrip, click here http://bit.ly/7pmFZQ, and to order Multi-Site Church Revolution (AMAZING BOOK...shaped what we do!!), click here http://bit.ly/5q5AaD.

More in the next few days!!

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