Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Toy Blitz & Building Projects

WHOO-HOO!! I LOVE TOMORROW...It's not even here yet and I CANNOT WAIT...WE are going to be a two-headed monster tomorrow. #1 is our Christmas Toy Blitz...we were given 250 toys from a biker club in Sturgis, MI...they are $10-15 toys and we will have a chance to bless over 100 kids with toys. We have contacted families that we have been touched before through our food vouchers and other blitzes (outreaches) that we have done. This is one of the few "come to us" outreaches that we do...the ladies did an AMAZING job decorating our office building for Christmas...looks like a store-front!! (HEY...I cleaned out my office...THAT is a HUGE task!!) Cookies have been (and are being) organized...trees put up...THE OFFICE LOOKS GREAT AND I LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE!!

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE I LOVE?!?! #2 We have this building that we are working on and several from our campus and our Goshen campus will be working on the building. I LOVE THAT WE ARE DOING BOTH THINGS ON THE SAME DAY! Why?!?!? Thanks for asking!! I was asked that question on why we would do an outreach (actually 2 outreaches in the past month!) in the middle of this building project...THAT was easy for me! I DO NOT...under ANY circumstance EVER want to stop looking out...EVER! WE CANNOT STOP touching lives...Jesus didn't and neither will we! I will fight for that...

SO LADIES...THANKS for getting this outreach going...for the impact we all get to make from your work! AND THANKS to the gang at the building who will be working as well...your impact is HUGE and MANY will come to know Jesus in the very building you are working on! CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!

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