Friday, December 11, 2009

"Stop Blowing"

Kelsey and I read a Bible story to our kids every night...they call it doing the "Bible Book." I love this time with the kids...the book is falling apart...we've been through it several times. There is one story that Luke just loves. Jesus and the disciples are on the boat...Jesus, who POURS his life out, is asleep...sound asleep..."The wind is blowing, the storm is crashing, the wind is rocking the boat. Jesus said..." When we get to that point, Luke just SHOUTS OUT: "STOP BLOWING!"

It is so cool...the passion he says it with...he is learning that God, the almighty powerful awesome God can stop a storm. THINK FOR A SECOND that he can't handle your concerns...he can...he cry out to out to him...DO IT!

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