Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleep in on the front end

I read this quote in a book a finished a few weeks back called "Leading on Empty." The author presented the idea of sleeping in on the front end...instead of sleeping in longer in the morning...go to bed earlier at night! Hence..."the front end." We get our best sleep between 10 or 11-2, yet we often chew that up by staying up too late!

I AM HORRIBLE at this principle...I love to stay up and can hardly get to bed before 11...Kels and I are working hard to discipline ourselves to do better. Last night I was asleep before 10! A MIRACLE!! The thing is...our dog kept us up in the middle of the night, yet I feel more rested today. I got to sleep through my "prime sleeping hours."

SELF-DISCIPLINE is the key to this...

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