Thursday, September 2, 2010


Stuff running through my head right now...
-GOD is SOOOOOO good
-6 months since my heart attack...
-Feeling better than I've felt in a long time
-Not to us but to the GLORY OF GOD! WHAT A GREAT SONGS!
-I love my watching them grow helping them learn how to live this that they love Jesus!
-Went on a walk with Chloe last night...PRICELESS
-Saw the most amazing sunrise EVER on Sunday...just stood there for a while...POWERFUL...BEAUTIFUL...AMAZING
-A lot of people that I know have family that are passing away from cancer and other sickness...some are "too young" to pass...
-I know the theology behind it, but sometimes...I wonder why God allows such good people to suffer.
-My heart hurts for my friends...
-What is it...what is it that just gets people wrapped up in addictions...I long for people to the other be willing to suffer the short term PAIN of giving it up for the long term benefits!
-I can't wait for Kalahari next month. ( mind likes to get out of the tough stuff and think of something fun!!) hit..."bumped" by a car today...he just ran out of the house and into the street...he is limping pretty good...blessed to be alive!
-Our neighbors...Jason and Gail...are moving this weekend...they will be VERY MISSED. They are the kind of people that make our city a better place!
-Music is LOUD in the office right now...just got done prayer "walking" or jumping...shouting through our church building (bet you wish you could have seen that!!) I long to see God move restore marriages...heal sickness...people to run from sin...from addictions...for friendships to be restored...for people to come to know Jesus RIGHT HERE...for the walls to not be able to contain what God is doing through HIS church...
-I'm glad God loves me...glad he is patient...glad he forgives...and gives strength and POWER to us
-I have been tired this week...teaching choir is the one that takes the is like preaching on Sunday...48 minutes of pure ENERGY! And don't think there is not spiritual warfare happening in the classroom!
-Imagine this...if I wasn't teaching...I wouldn't have the opportunity to influence the lives of these kids and their families...
-The more I talk with people...the more I realize how blessed I am to have a job...much less 2 jobs and 2 jobs that I like!
-Did you make it this far?!?! Still reading?!?!?
2 Bonuses then....
1. I broke my PH 5k time this morning...ran the 5k in 24:40...1st mile was 9:10.34...mile 2 was 7:39.70...mile 3 7:15.86...then I SPRINTED to the end. It felt REALLY good...I always stretch and then take mile 1 pretty slow to warm up more...starting to think I might break my personal best time yet!

2. "Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord. Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord."

So what are you waiting for...FIND SOMETHING TO PRAISE THE LORD FOR!

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