Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I miss...

OK...this is a random post, but it is stuff that popped in my head...and they are DEFINITELY not all connected...very random!!

Things I miss:

-Old friends...both from High and beyond...people that have meant a lot to me, but I don't see or talk to much
-Coaching Middle School soccer...not the schedule...but I miss the kids and the was like a "release" or hobby for me...just not enough time!
-Family...with working most weekends it is hard to get back home!
-Ice Cream...I have hardly eaten ANY ice cream in the past 7 months
-Iced Coffee...ESPECIALLY Panera's I.C. Mocha...ON MAN!!
-Playing basketball...just don't get to do it much anymore...
-Manchester High School football games...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Go Panthers!! (that's my high school team...the team basically never loses...Nothing like Panther football on a fall night...with the band of course!!)
-Grandma and Grandpa Messner and Uncle Bob
-A healthy wife! I keep telling her that this will pass...but I know that it is such a struggle for her to not feel well!!
-Cloth diapers...oh I don't! BUT I'm going to have them again tooooooo soon!
-A baby's little smile...
-My kids funny words they said when they were REALLY small
-Prime Rib
-Eating LOTS of hamburger!

I have absolutely NO IDEA why this stuff jumped in my head...and no...I'm not depressed! I'm having a TOTALLY AWESOME and PRODUCTIVE day!!!! Just random things that jump into the mind of Tim Boucher!

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Devoted said...

Sounds like you are from the south with that football thing there, Tim. Thanks for reminding me what a rich and wonderful life the Lord has allowed me to live so far.

Praying for good days for your wife, your family, and of course, you. May God continue to bless you and grow your ministry.

In HIS grip :-D