Monday, September 13, 2010


Powerful message...Unswayable Courage...a willingness to step charge the hill that no one believes you can win...lots of challenging nuggets in the message...LOTS!

-Courage happens when people walk through fear
-Discourage: taking courage away from someone
-Encourage: pouring courage into people
-If you don't have fear you'll never have to be courageous!
-Remind yourself of times when God came through for you in the past
-Courageous people believe that God is for them
-What is the last thing that you did for Jesus that cost you something?
-Are you a coward? Then you better read Revelation 21:6-8!!
-Courageous people do the unthinkable
-Stop listening to the negative voices
-Don't settle
-God is ready to supply us the power...
-Are you satisfied?
-What is next?

GREAT questions...and a great follow up to a discussion I had last week with my friends Ben and Colin...we talked about the kind of men we long to be in 10, 20, 30, 50 year...what characteristics do we want to have? Will we still be following God? Will be be risk takers? If God gives us that much do we want to be? do we need to live today...Good stuff!

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