Friday, September 3, 2010


I had a plan coming into today...Teaching in the a.m. Have lunch with a GREAT friend and key leader at Grace...pick up orchestra and band book on my way to the office and then jump in at the office and get things ready for Sunday and for teaching Kidzone this week.

WELL...the morning went according to plan...then my bud Travis called (and I AM SOOOOOO GLAD HE DID!) and asked if I could meet him and get the laptop to him for Sunday morning. We planned to meet after my lunch...well...I knew that Ericka needed the bulletin off of the laptop, so I turned on the laptop while I waited for my friend to arrive for lunch...ONLY THE LAPTOP IS NOT WORKING! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! This is not just a laptop, but THE laptop that runs ALL of our media for our service on Sunday!! I quickly sent a text to Travis saying that we couldn't meet...had lunch...(GREAT talk at lunch!!)...

As I left I quickly got on the phone to solve the laptop issue...of course you may wonder..."why not use your laptop or Jerimae's?" laptop is not working correctly either and Jerimae is out of town!!

Long story, just a little longer...we now have a functioning laptop for Sunday. (Thanks Scott Avey!!) But I have NO IDEA what we will do next! Hopefully we will be able to save our info from the laptop...

So...I had a plan, but I sure had to punt! Keeps life interesting!! And of course...everything worked out in the end and will work out in the end, just not the way I planned it!

AND...I know what you're thinking now..."TIM...what are you doing blogging when you have so much to do!!??" Yet another GREAT question!!


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