Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playing in the rain!

First day of soccer games for Jaden and Luke...Jaden gets to have a goalie for the first time...his team is strong...some VERY good the ball well...we won 5-2...solid game...AND IT ALL HAPPENED IN THE POURING DOWN RAIN! if that was not enough...Luke had his first game ever in the rain...trouble was he was out in it for Jaden's game (it was barely sprinkling when we left) and got out to warm up about 10-15 min. before gametime...he was FREEZING and COLD! Our team got a good beat down...they are learning and mostly had fun! We only had 2 kids at the start of the game (3 play at a time), so we borrowed a player from the other team. Crazy first day, but it sure is fun to watch the boys develop!!

Now the boys have been in the "bath-shower" (shower running, but the drain closed) for 20 minutes...I'm in my Buckeye sweatshirt and hood up...hands are still cold 45 minutes after the game...AND GUESS WHAT?!?!! I'd go do it again in a SECOND!!! I LOVE THIS!!

Soccer...coaching...rain...being a dad...PRICELESS!!

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