Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day of meetings...REALLY REALLY good ones!

My day has been FULL of meetings! Taught classes this a.m. at school...had a meeting about a student in the middle of that...then the staff came over from Goshen and we talked. Oh...it was good to talk...CRAZY jumping into that convo exactly 20 minutes after I left school...BUT I'LL TELL YOU THIS...some good stuff was talked about. Some intense stuff...I have been praying for some time for God to show us what HE wants His church to look like...what HE wants us to be doing. At one point in the meeting Jim asked me..."what do you think needs to happen time..." In that moment I really considered spewing out a bunch of thoughts and ideas...and they would have CLEARLY been worthless...instead I simply said..."I don't know." And I didn't...in fact it has been quite frustrating for me lately...I usually know where I'm going! Since December of 2003 when I prayed and asked God to give us a pinhole of what he wanted us to do as a church...and when the words "church planting" were that pinhole...I KNEW where I was going and little by little God made that pinhole bigger and bigger...God continued to open that door it became clearer and clearer what his direction was...when detours happened he made it clear which path to take...Then 2010 happened! That direction has been SHUT OFF for me for quite some time...There are seasons in our lives and this has been my longest season of winter EVER! I am soooooooo ready for spring to come in my life! I feel that I have been in the winter for TOO STINKIN' LONG! So I have been asking God for a new pinhole...a new direction...his direction...I have been praying for a greater passion for God...the lost...and HIS church!

GUESS WHAT?!?! When you pray a prayer like that...GOD RESPONDS!!!!

A hunger has started in my gut...a new and fresh hunger for his Word...THEN our staff meeting happened this morning...THEN...I met with Colin and Ben...I'm about to come out of my skin this afternoon!! Just an anticipation of what God has been doing behind the scenes that he is starting to show me! All I need is a pinhole...that's it...just a beginning of a picture and I will charge that mountain! And I believe that God is starting to reveal that...he is beginning to reveal that pinhole...and ONCE AGAIN he is using HIS Word AND HIS people to direct me and HIS Church!

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