Monday, September 20, 2010


Great weekend...except for a few hours Saturday night and Sunday morning! I had a 12 hour "something" that really rocked me. I made it to service on Sunday, but felt HORRIBLE...hands shaking...just not fun. Saturday evening was about the same...not sure what the deal was! Sunday late afternoon I felt much better and was able to play HARD with the kids...made it a GREAT way to finish off the weekend.

A few thoughts from the weekend...

-GREAT service...Colin and Jerimae led...VERY GOOD!
-Nothing like standing on the other side of obedience
-People who are loyal stand up and stand out
-Loyalty will cost you something
-What would happen if we only had an audience of one? And the one was GOD! How would that change how we lived and make decisions?
-One day...God will look at us and say "well done." THAT should be enough for us to stay loyal to him!!
-GREAT message!
-Direction meeting after the service...had several step up and jump into ministry...very cool to see!
-McKinley School invited US to come to an event they are cool is that!!
-They also are giving us the freedom to come and volunteer at the school...STEP UP!!
-The principal at the school is AMAZING and works hard to develop the community and her school. VERY proactive lady! WE are BLESSED to have her in the school system!!

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