Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bonus Stuff

Got another thing...There are two questions that are haunting me right now...(actually there are a few more, but I'll stick with 2!)...

1. Is HIS Word enough?

No it? Is God's Word enough for me or do I think that I need something else? Do I have a hunger for his Word...a hunger that pushes me every week...every day to seek out the truth of God and how that will impact the way I live...Is THE WORD enough...I'll tell you...this has been CONVICTING over the past couple of days!

2. How will I be known?

Studying Colossians...Paul writes in chapter 1 how "he has heard..." about the church he has heard of their great faith...I wonder...what are people hearing about Tim Boucher...if a friend from the past runs into someone who is with me consistently today...what would they say to each other? I pray that my friends will be able to write me as Paul did..."Tim...GREAT to hear you are still faithful to the call of God! To your Savior!" I pray that for you too! How will we...better are we known?

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