Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Random and not so random stuff floating in my head...
-September is over 1/2 GONE...CRAZY!
-That means...Wild @ Heart is coming soon...CAN'T WAIT!
-Also means Kalahari is coming soon...CAN'T WAIT!
-Cried as I prayed through our building today...a fresh sense of longing for God to move...pretty cool
-SPEAKING OF COOL...our men's group is ROCKIN' COOL! We studied and studied the Word last night...BEST conversation on the Word that I have had in a long time...AMAZING...POWERFUL! Very cool!
-Great group of guys coming on Tuesday nights...if you are free on Tuesdays and you're a guy...COME ON OUT!
-BTW...Rob and I remain UNDEFEATED in Corn Hole...just FYI! (Playing for fun of course!)
-It is so great to see men praying for each other...the guys really shared STUFF that is happening in them...MAN IT WAS GOOD!
-My band class has A LOT of work to do! I still have 1/2 of the class without instruments...I told them that if they bring ANY $ in I would let them use an instrument...STILL 1/2 have not done ANY!
-I love watching students learning instruments for the first time...
-My choir is performing a song THEY PICK this week...they picked the song...found the accompaniment...PRODUCED the song...dress for the song...created to watch them
-Had to apologize to my choir for being impatient yesterday with them...told them that it is important that adults admit when they are wrong too! Hope that grab on to the lesson!
-I CANNOT WAIT TO PREACH ON SUNDAY...CANNOT WAIT...CANNOT WAIT! I am soooooooo ready and it is just Wednesday! God is doing some stirring in my heart!
-Had people step up to serve...looking forward to seeing them thrive!
-We prayed for Mike Nyhius as he took a worship pastor position in Bremen. Cool to see one of our own going into full-time ministry!
-Spent my run this morning thanking God...saying thank you to my feels so good to do that!

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