Monday, September 27, 2010


HUGE weekend! Sunday morning was simply AMAZING! Our time of reflection at the beginning of the service was like hitting a "reset" button for all of us...and it was a perfect fit into the message which was on Unswayable Courage...I got to speak this week...I enjoy it...Spoke about the fact that since we are made in God's image (Gen. 1!) then wouldn't he want to be pursued in many of the same ways that we should pursue our spouse. Think about it...Gary Chapman wrote A LOT about the 5 Love Languages...that each of us wants to be pursued through our love language...and that at times we want to be pursued by each of the love languages...So this week...we turned it to can we pursue him and show him love? Through...

1. Words of Affirmation
2. Giving Gifts
3. Touch
4. Acts of Service (just read Matthew 25!!!!)
5. Quality Time

Touch was a tough one at first...then I studied Matthew 25 a little more and it hit me..."whenever you do these to the least of these brothers of mine..." OH MAN! When our church hugs on Soccer Camp kids...when we share life with people at Community Hope (Community Hope is a monthly morning when we pass out food vouchers to struggling families) When we touch these people...hold their hand in prayer...give a hug...IT IS LIKE HUGGING GOD! IMAGINE THAT!!!!

Quality Time also really grabbed me this much do we REALLY dig into the Word of God? Are we in love with our love letter from God to us...his VERY OWN WORDS!!! Are we?

Closing Challenge...

-PRAY for a hunger for God
-MAKE time...schedule the time to spend time with God

Sounds simple...the question is...did you do it today? Did you carve out time for our spend time with him? GO DO IT!

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