Thursday, August 5, 2010

Triple Whoo-Hoo!!

Double Whoo-hoo today!! This morning I had about 15 minutes to exercise, so I decided to push a little more than I have PH (post-heartattack...Boucher terminology!!)...I ran a mile in is a new PH record...inching closer and closer to times that I had before. It felt good...real the heart rate pain...rate came down quickly after the run...sounds like there might be more PH records coming soon!!

The 2nd Whoo-hoo! is for a job...I have been looking for a teaching position and yesterday I got a job!! I'll be teaching orchestra and possibly choir at Jackson...a school really close to my house! The schedule needed to end no later than 11:30 (that was my hope!) and it ends RIGHT AT 11:30! VERY COOL! I taught orchestra for a year at LaSalle and it really helps to have my resident violin player living at home. Plus Chloe will be taking violin this year as well...pretty cool!

AND THE BEST OF ALL...Kelsey's birthday is tomorrow and I got to take her out to breakfast! It was soooooooo good for the 2 of us to hang out together...went down to Hilltop in Lakeville...a definite "down home" atmosphere...very good to be out!


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